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Lunar Caravans make both Caravans and Motorhomes. The name Lunar was inspired by the 1969 mission to land on the moon. Their flagship is the Clubman and Delta ranges. Lunar offer different level of specification and luxury throughout their range starting off with the Lunar at the bottom end going through to the Alaria as it’s top end range. The quality should be the same throughout the model ranges but the features will differ, as will the price. For example the lower end of the range will have a fire with hot air blower, whereas the more expensive ranges will come with Alde central heating, for example. It’s all governed by how much you want to spend of course.

The article isn’t a review of Lunar caravans, but instead gives you an outline of the model ranges.

Lunar describe the ranges as
Lunar “Lightweight Luxury
Venus “Style is Everything
Alaria “Like No Other

Lunar Caravan Ranges

  • Lunar Caravans
  • Venus Caravans
  • Alaria Caravans
  • Motorhomes

Lunar Range

At time of writing they have 3 caravan ranges in their line up of “Lunar”

  • Ariva / Quasar
  • Stellar / Lexon
  • Clubman / Delta

Ariva / Quasar

Example of a Quasar Caravan Range

So, let’s start at the lower end of the market, the end which most people will buy from. All caravans are well equipped. Ariva is a 2 berth then they have 7 models in the Quasar range, from 2 to 6 berth, something for everyone. The caravans are well known for their low weights, giving a greater choice of tow car.

The Ariva, being a compact 2 berth has a MTLPM of 960kg

The Ariva / Quasar range could be seen as their entry level caravans. Of course, all manufactures come up with a different name other than entry level. You could call them cheap, excellent value, bottom of the range or entry level.

Models in this range:

  • Ariva
  • Quasar 462 ( 2 berth )
  • Quasar 524 ( 4 berth )
  • Quasar 544 ( 4 berth )
  • Quasar 554 ( 4 berth )
  • Quasar 574 ( 4 berth )
  • Quasar 674 ( 4 berth )
  • Quasar 686 ( 6 berth )

Have a look at the Lunar Arvia and Quasra caravans below (image from Lunar’s website.)

Ariva and Quasar Interior Layouts

Stella / Lexon

Example of a Lexon Caravan Range

The range follows the previous selection, the Stella is an entry level 3 berth lightweight caravan. There are 4 caravans in the Lexon range that are 4 berth. Layouts include, fixed bed, in traverse and island configurations, as well as twin single beds.

The island bed has a middle washroom, both traverse beds have end washroom. They also have a twin axle in the range.

AL-KO ATC comes as standard in the range. The Stellar has an MTPLM of 1175kg

Models in the Stella / Lexon range:

  • Stella ( 2 berth )
  • Lexon 560 ( 4 berth )
  • Lexon 570 ( 4 berth )
  • Lexon 590 ( 4 berth )
  • Lexon 660 ( 4 berth )

Have a look at the Lunar Stella and Lexon caravans below (image from Lunar’s website).

Stellar and Lexon Interior Layouts

Clubman / Delta

Example of a Delta Caravan Range

This range is the flagship and therefore most expensive, better equipped and heavier of the ranges.

There are 6 caravans in the Clubman range. Ranging from 2 to 4 berth. All caravan have a higher standard of interior and better equipment.

The Delta models are all twin axle variants. The top end Clubmans and Deltas have luxuries such as DAB radio, Alde heating, Thatcham cat 6 tracker and Lunar assist control panel. The nomenclature here is T for twin axle in the Delta and Alaria ranges.

These are Lunar’s aspirational range of caravans.

The models in the Clubman / Delta range are :

  • Clubman CK ( 2 berth )
  • Clubman ES ( 3 berth )
  • Clubman SB ( 4 berth )
  • Clubman SE ( 4 berth )
  • Clubman SI ( 4 berth )
  • Clubman SR ( 4 berth )
  • Delta TI ( 4 berth )
  • Delta TS ( 4 berth )
  • Delta TR ( 4 berth 

The TS is Twin single beds, the TI is a side island bed and the TR is a rear island bed.

Have a look at the Lunar Clubman and Delta caravans below (image from Lunar’s website).

Clubman / Delta Interior Layouts

Alaria Range

Example of a Alaria Caravan Range

8ft wide, twin axle flagship caravans. There are currently 3 models which bare the Alaria name. With more equipment and high end specification than you can shake a stick at.

  • Alaria TI ( 4 berth )
  • Alaria TS ( 4 berth )
  • Alaria TR ( 4 berth )

Again Lunar follow the same naming convention here with a T followed by I (side Island) R (Rear island) and S (single beds)

Alaria Interior Layouts

Venus Range

Example of a Venus Caravan Range

The Venus range are great family caravans.

Models in the Venus range:

  • Venus 540/4 ( 4 berth )
  • Venus 550/4 ( 4 berth )
  • Venus 570/4 ( 4 berth )
  • Venus 590/6 ( 6 berth )
  • Venus 620/6 ( 6 berth )
Lunar Venus Interior Layouts

Lunar Caravan’s Website

Click the Photo for Lunar Caravan’s Website

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