Maypole Stronghold Caravan Security Products

The first in a series of featured products by CaravanVlogger.

Stronghold security products are going through a rebranding exercise with new clearer packaging as well as a new logo. What better time to re look at the brand, they’ve been about since 1987, so it’s about time they were in our spot light.

Products have sold security certification and have a 5 year warranty. They are insurance approved. They offer good value and peace of mind. All products are designed in the UK.

On average over 5,000 caravans are stolen every year in the UK, I think thats a shocking amount. These security devices can all help deter opportunists and slow down the more determined thief.

There caravan security product range includes (these are just examples of the ranges, there are many more items available):

Everything you’d need in fact to security your caravan.

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