Milenco Stacka Corner Steady Feet Review


Milenco Stacka Corner Steady Feet Review

AKA Camel’s Feet.

I fitted the┬áMilenco Stacka Corner Steady Feet recently to my caravan, but didn’t have my camera with me so didn’t take any shots. What kind of a vlogger am I? Don’t answer that.

I’d previously had some bright yellow one’s which were fitted with a plastic “bolt”. They worked perfectly well for 3 years and I think I would have bought them again, but couldn’t find them. So, I frequent Towsure’s website and happened upon these beauties.

Anyway, the instructions are in picture form, something which I’m not keen on. It always reminds me of Ikea furniture and there’s always one piece that I get upside down and have to take it all apart again to refit everything.

“Have you finished that wardrobe yet?”, comes a voice from below.

“Umm, just starting _again_ dear” It never goes down well.

So, I’m looking at the pictures post installation. I thought, wrongly, that I’d push the metal bar through the spring. Don’t do this..

In the end I figured it out through trial and error and closely examining the photo with regards to bending the spring.

They were easy enough to put on, and work really well. They also work well with the “Milenco Stacka Jacka Pads” I keep the caravan at home and my drive is sloped. I use Stacka Jacka Pads under the corner steadies at the rear because the steadies don’t reach.

I just wish they were bright yellow….

I’ve been on a couple of trips with them now and have worked flawlessly. Something I always worry about is them falling off, but they haven’t.


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