Milenco Torque Wrench Safety Kit Review

Before I start I’d just like to say, I’ve been caravanning since 2006 and have NEVER checked my wheel nuts on caravan, or car. Once you get into your head that the wheel nuts may come loose, you simply have to check them..

“£50 for a torque wrench? Are you absolutely bonkers? You can get them for 20 quid on Amazon! The amount you’ll use it, it’s not worth it.” And this was just what I said to myself as I was unwrapping the parcel.

I could have bought one for £20 true and it would have done the job, 100%.

So why did I buy the Milenco Torque Wrench Safety Kit? Hopefully in this article I’ll be able to justify it to myself and maybe I can give you some reasons to purchase it, or indeed save 30 quid and buy the cheaper one. At this point in the article I really don’t know.

Here’s a photo of the offending piece of hardware your honour.
This bad boy is going to have to earn its keep that’s for sure. Not only will I be “torquing up” the caravan wheels (I have a twin axle so 4 wheels, just to justify the purchase a little more) but also Mrs Caravan Vlogger’s car, my car, my 2 daughter’s cars and my son’s car. Five cars and a caravan in total, that’s 20 wheels, so that’s potentially 100 wheel nuts. 100 / £50 = 0.50p per wheel. An absolute bargain, I should have bought TWO!

OK, so I’ll never be the Chancellor of the Exchequer (thankfully), but I think I’ve done a reasonable job of justifying it to myself?

Why Do I Need A Torque Wrench?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been made aware that caravan wheels can work loose. They can WHAT? I don’t know the technical reason why. I don’t know why I need to worry about my caravan wheels and not give a flying fudge about my car ones. Or maybe I should worry about the car ones? Anyway, that aside for the moment. I’ve been made aware that nuts can come loose, at about the same time there was something in the news about a caravan wheel and also on a traffic update I heard of a traffic jam due to a caravan wheel falling off. (If a wheel can fall off). That’s it, mind made up, buy a bloody torque wrench. So I did.

What is “Torque”?

You can google torque for a technical understanding if you have a mind to. Basically, torque is a measure of how tight the wheel nut is. So instead of tightening it as much as is humanly possible, you tighten with a torque wrench. You set a measurement as per recommendations by manufacturer and when you tighten, you keep going until it goes “click”.

What Did I Get In the Packet?

Rather annoyingly, as you can see from the photo, it came in the rather difficult to open plastic straight jacket. These are bad enough with small purchases, but this is quite big. I had to open it with scissors, no way you could use your bare hands.

  • Torque Wrench
  • Indicators (More on these later)
  • Extension Bar
  • 21mm Socket
  • 19mm Socket

You might be able to see from the photo that it’s a “Bailey Version”, another reason why I bought it. Bailey have 19mm wheel nuts. This was partly due to my ignorance, honestly I’m an advertisers dream!

Now, I’m hoping that the 21mm is going to fit my car(s). I think I have various sockets lying around, quite possible not in my socket set case, more likely strewn around my shed, or in my office, or of course in any number of kitchen cupboards and lastly, somewhere in the caravan!

I’ve included a photo of the back as well…

On the back of the pack there are instructions on how to use it. Just as well, I’ve never used one before. I do know, however, that you use it to tighten wheel nuts to a certain “torque”. When it clicks, it is tight enough. Now, I know this because I had a tire fitted on my car a little while ago and the tire fitter had a torque wrench. However, I have never used one myself, and not set it up before either.

Just a note to anyone with a Unicorn IV; mine came with wheel nuts that need a special adapter (which was supplied) naturally I didn’t know this, until I came to use the wrench for the first time. 

Ease of Use

Torque wrenches in general are very easy to use. In fact, I’ve created a video for you where I’ll tell you all about it. It’s not a technical video, so anyone can understand it.

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