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Is Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock better than an Alko Wheel Lock? Well it depends. It depends on whether you have a single, or twin axle caravan.

You may, or may not know, we have a twin axle caravan. You may, or may not know we don’t like Alko Wheel Locks. This is of course, a blatantly unfair comment. Actually, we don’t hate them at all, we hate the way they work on twin axle caravans.

Love Them or Hate Them – Depends..

You may love Alko Wheel Locks, if you have a single axle, we certainly did, but when it comes to twin axles, quite frankly they are unusable.

The Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock is not cheap, it costs about £120 , or sometimes cheaper…

FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp*
  • Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp

What’s In The Box?

  • Shield Plate, this goes over the wheel
  • Wheel Bar, these goes through the wheel
  • Lock Unit, used to prevent access to wheel nut
  • Wheel Receiver Bolts, replacing your existing wheel nut
  • 1mm Spacers, used to ensure Shield Plate is flush with wheel
  • 3mm Hex Key
  • 2 Keys
  • 19mm Wheel Wrench Adapter, which I needed for Bailey
Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock. What’s in the box?


Fitting of the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock is straightforward.

  • Remove an existing wheel bolt
  • Insert Receiver Bolt
  • Torque the Bolt as require with 19mm Adapter
  • Insert locking unit into Shield Plate using spacers if necessary
  • Insert complete unit into receiver bolt
  • Tighten hex bolt with hex key
  • Slide wheel bar into shield plate
  • Slide wheel bar through wheel
  • Insert lock into receiver and turn key
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The Nemesis Ultra wheel lock really is easy to fit, it takes longer the first time, but there’s no lining up necessary, just poke the bar through the wheel and lock onto the wheel bolt. Everything you need is supplied.


Storage BagYes
Keys Supplied2
Prevents Wheel RemovalYes
Prevents Wheel RotationYes
Wheel FitmentThrough Wheel
Alloy/Steel WheelsBoth
Wheel Nut Thread12mm x 1.5mm
Wheel Nut Cone60 Degree Conical Seating
FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp*
  • Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp

Insurance Company

It’s a good idea to check with your insurance company if you’re replacing Alko Wheel locks, to make sure they don’t specify that you need two locks on a twin axle. If that is the case you could use one Alko and the Nemesis Ultra wheel lock as well as an alternative to lining both up.

Camping & Caravanning ClubApproved10% Discount
Safeguard UKApproved Up to 20% Discount
Shield Total InsuranceApprovedUp to 15% Discount
Caravan GuardAcceptedMandatory


Handy links to the documentation you’ll need before deciding if you should purchase or not.


So far I’m very pleased with the Nemesis Ultra wheel lockand although it is expensive it’s worth getting for me as it’s a less stressful. You might enjoy putting on the Alko locks and good luck to you if that’s the case.

The Nemesis Ultra is really easy to fit. Is it more secure than the Alko? I don’t know about that, but it is insurance approved and it is easier to fit.

This is not a paid for article and is not endorsed in any way. We purchased the lock ourselves to use on our own caravan. Just so that you know it’s an impartial, honest view of the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock compared to the Alko ones.

Fitted to our Bailey Unicorn IV Cartagena. Notice the yellow dust car of the now defunct Alko Lock…
FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp*
  • Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp


Is the Nemesis wheel lock insurance approved?

As with many questions like this, it depends on your insurer. Some insist on you fitting Alko wheel locks, whilst others are happy with the Nemesis Ultra wheel lock. Caravanguard, for example, consider the Nemesis Ultra wheel lock to be a wheel clamp; therefore do not allow it.

Are Nemesis wheel locks universal?

The ultra is suitable for both alloy and steel wheels.

How do you fit a Nemesis ultra wheel clamp?

Fitting is easy, a quick search on youtube will help you.

How do you put a nemesis wheel lock on?

Youtube is your friend

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6 responses to “Nemesis Ultra Wheel Lock – Is It The Best?”

  1. Chuck avatar

    That’s cool, nice demonstration 🙂 I was curious how it worked when I first saw it. Do you think it’s secure enough to guard against a pry attack or an experienced lock picker? If so, that’s a legit lock you have there.

    1. Graham Bell avatar
      Graham Bell

      I hope so. You’ll never stop a determined thief, but it might delay them, or make thing think twice…

      1. Chuck avatar

        That’s for sure. The quote “Locks only keep out honest people” is timeless.

  2. Jason avatar

    Thanks for the post. I know nothing about these things however just stumbled upon this post. Great share.

  3. Jason Golledge avatar
    Jason Golledge

    I have one alko and one nemesis on my twin axel seems to work out well

    1. CaravanVlogger avatar

      Thanks for the comment Jason. Sounds like a really good solution.. Graham

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