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Today is the day that we are picking up our new caravan. However, things haven’t been easy, in fact they’ve been quite stressful. By the way, I’m fully aware these are “first world” problems, however, in my world, they’re big issues..
Our tow car developed a fault, some warning light appeared regarding the suspension, that’s not good when you’re expecting to tow a caravan. The car went in to have whatever was faulty replaced, but the dealer didn’t have the part, it had to come from Germany. This was on the Thursday, 6 days before we were meant to be driving down to Bristol, from just north of London.
“The part should arrive on Tuesday, we’ll fit it and you’ll be good to go”, was roughly what the dealer said. It’s cutting it fine, but, well, “you’ve got to have faith”, as George Michael once sang.
Tuesday lunchtime the car dealer called, I could tell from his voice something wasn’t right. This was not good. There was apparently another fault and something else needed replacing. Fortunately it’s all under warranty.
I’m typing now, waiting for a call to tell me my car is ready. I can then pick it up, drive home, hitch up and make our way down to Bristol. We’re meant to be at the caravan dealer at 11:00, but I doubt we’ll leave much before 12:00 and it’s about 3 hours drive.
We fortunately booked in a site somewhere near the dealer so we can at least travel down and collected the caravan one day later, I’ve not told the dealer this yet.
Fingers crossed we’ll be on the road shortly after lunch and everything will be fine and dandy. I’m a great believe in if you curse your luck it’ll only get worse. As Sting once sang “Like those who curse their luck in too many places”. What a tuneful 1980’s song-fest blog entry this has turned out to be.

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