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Changing Caravan Layout

Let’s face a fact. People that vlog about caravans love Bailey, don’t they. We’ll in a bid to rid myself of that stigma and to be a bit different I’m moving away from Bailey. As you’ll no doubt…

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My Problem With Product Reviewers..

If you watch my YouTube channel you’ll know I moan a lot about product reviews on YouTube. I’d just like to say here, that although I may come across as moaning, that’s not what I’m doing. One of…

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Towing A Caravan With An Electric Car

Would I really consider towing a caravan with an electric car? Maybe, read on.. I’ve always been a big car fan. That is to say, I love driving. I’ve never been mechanically minded, although, in my youth, I’ve…

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Elddis Crusader Aurora

MTPLM PAYLOAD WIDTH LENGTH MRO AXLES BERTH 1526kg 153kg 2300mm 6260mm 1373kg 1 4 Elddis Crusader Aurora4 berthMTPLM 1526kgs The Elddis Crusader Aurora is a 4 berth single axle model with retractable island bed. Elddis is owned by…

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Swift Elegance Grande 850

Swift Elegance Grande 850 A quick look at the Swift Elegance Grande 850. I’d just like to say that I’m not here to either blow smoke up Swift’s backside or indeed demonise you for wanting or liking the…

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Coachman Laser 650 2021

CV Rating  8/10 Coachman Laser 650 2021 Whilst looking to replace our current caravan I looked closely at the Coachman Laser 650 2021. But, as with pretty much most caravans, there were some things we weren’t so…

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