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This article is not about reviewing products, nor is it sponsored, approved or in anyway linked to the companies involved. I’m reviewing products myself, for our caravan. I have a twin axle with Alko Wheel Locks and I’m looking to replace them, as they are difficult for us to use. Here’s the products I’m looking at from Purpleline.

Purpleline’s products, despite their name, are recognisable by their colour; Orange. They have a good range of security products. Nemisis & Excalibur covers wheel locks and Saracen are hitch locks. They are all in the “Fullstop” range. 
Purpleline are a UK company, based in Suffolk and were established in 2002.
I’ve had a FullStop hitch lock for may years and never knew it was a PurpleLine product, they seem to do all the can to hide the brand name, even go as far as supplying Bailey with rebranded products that are in Bailey blue. Anyway…
So rather than call them Purpleline it’s probably best to name them as FullStop, that would be clearer. (To me at least)
The products are “tested and approved by Kiwa SCM . SCM MP03 includes assessments not usually included in other procedures, such as resistance to freezing and corrosion. At the heart of every Thatcham Fullstop® product is a British made Lowe & Fletcher lock. Lowe & Fletcher have been hand-crafting locks for more than 100 years and this depth of experience was used in full when formulating the unique Fullstop® lock.”
The products are designed to be easy to use and offer he best possible defence against your caravan being stolen. They use a blend of composite materials which have been specially chosen to be resistant to cutting, drilling and gas-freezing.
That’s enough of the manufacturers explanations.
The products in their range are:

Purpleline Wheel Locks

Nemesis Ultra (RRP £179.95)

It’s a wheel lock suitable for both steel and allow wheels. It’s easy to fit from what I’ve seen from YouTube video and can be fitted with just one hand in under 10 seconds. Now I haven’t tried this myself, but just by looking at the design, you can see how easy it seems to be to fit. It’s been tested and approved by Kiwa SCM MP03, and to be honest I had to look this up as I’m familiar with “Sold Secure” and “Thatcham” etc. 
Kiwa is a field testing, inspection and certification company and are Dutch. SCM is an independent foundation that deals with certification of, amongst other things, security devices, which is why Purpleline use them . I don’t know why Purpleline would use a company in The Netherlands to certify their products, but I don’t see any problems personally, insurance companies seen happy, which is all that matters at the end of the day. 
I’m seriously considering this product as a replacement for my Alko wheels locks.

FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp*
  • Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp
Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp, Rim Lock and Immobiliser Device for Trailers
92 Reviews
Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp, Rim Lock and Immobiliser Device for Trailers*
  • Easy to attach to all steel and alloy wheels
  • All tire width
  • All tyre
  • Weight: approx. 4 kg
  • Includes practical storage bag

Excalibur (RRP £179.95)

This is a lightweight alternative to a wheel clamp and is much less bulky than traditional wheel clamps. Technically it’s a receiver wheel lock, much like the Alko wheel lock we currently use.

ProPlus Excalibur Wheel Clamp
81 Reviews
ProPlus Excalibur Wheel Clamp*
  • Purpleline Excalibur Caravan Wheel Lock
  • Will it fit onto steel wheels? * It will not fit this type of wheel.
  • What is the weight?
  • What is the weight? * Approximately 7.5kg .

Nemesis (RRP £199.95)

This is a wheel clamp, but not as you know it. Installation involves clamping the soft rubber tipped jaws around the wheel using the T-shaped hex key provided, before installing the foam padded wheel bolt protecting arm in to place and securing the device with the high strength locking barrel. 

Purple Line Nemesis wheel clamp, parking claw, tyre claw, immobiliser
402 Reviews
Purple Line Nemesis wheel clamp, parking claw, tyre claw, immobiliser*
  • Fast installation on steel or light alloy wheels.
  • Optimal theft protection.
  • Tyre size of 10 up to 20 inches.
  • Tyre width: of 145 mm – 245 mm.
  • Includes practical carrying case.
Professional Tyre Claws for Bikes with Max Tyre Width of 235 mm, Maximum 72 cm Diameter, with Lock, Orange*
  • Hoops claw seal Professional best safety mechanism to prevent theft of your car, caravan or pendant
  • ‘Tyre claw Profi suitable for 10 to 20 wheels up to max. Tyre width of 235 mm maximum tyre diameter: 72 cm quick and easy to apply
  • Reifen claw Professional with safety lock with 2 keys. Suitable for aluminium, plastic and steel rims
  • Reifen claw Professional Vorsicht. Remove the wheel clamp before Fahrt. Delivered in a bag.
  • Claw Profi Package Content: 1 x Tyre claw No tyres or pendant

Hitch Locks

Saracen Gullwing ( RRP £109.95)

SCM approved. Can be used even when caravan is attached to the vehicle. People have mixed opinons  as to if this is a good idea or not. It is suitable for AL-KO hitches AKS2004 & AKS3004.This has also been tested and approved by Kiwa SCM MP03Incorporates a British Made anti-pick 9-pin lock from Lowe & Fletcher

ProPlus Caravan Saracen Clutch Lock Suitable for Gullwing SCM*
  • Saracen Gullwing Caravan High Security Hitch Lock (Thatcham Approved)
Prima Bailey Caravan Saracen Gullwing High Security Hitch Lock Anti Theft for AL-KO Hitches*
  • Anti-Pick 9-pin lock from Lowe & Fletcher
  • Thatcham Category 3 Approved
  • Suitable for AL-KO Hitches: AKS2004 & AKS3004
  • Simple and easy fitting
  • 2 x Locking keys supplied

Saracen Ultra ( RRP £84.95 )

Specifically to fit AL-KO hitches, suitable for AL-KO AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 caravan and trailer hitches.Installation includes placing the top half of the hitch shield over the hitch and the bottom half under the hitch before passing the high-security locking barrel through the shield, securing the Saracen.The Saracen Ultra comes complete with a carry case, security hitch ball and lock protector.This is what we have used for many years until recently replacing it with a hitch lock that can left on whilst travelling.

Fullstop Saracen Al-Ko Hitchlock
93 Reviews
Fullstop Saracen Al-Ko Hitchlock*
  • ecure the caravan coupling either hitched or unhitched
Trident Purpleline Saracen FHL400 Hitch Lock – to Fit AL-KO Coupling Heads
158 Reviews
Trident Purpleline Saracen FHL400 Hitch Lock – to Fit AL-KO Coupling Heads*
  • Fits AL-KO AK160 Coupling Heads
  • Fits AL-KO AKS1300/AKS2004/AKS3004 Stabilisers
  • Heavy Duty.
  • Prevents access to main coupling hitch handle when fitted.
  • Alko stabiliser handle fits over top of hitch lock.

What We Choose and Why

After suffering for 12 months with the twin axle ALKO locks (if you’re thinking of a twin axle and want to know how to fit them, see our video here :

YouTube player
Fitting Alko Wheel Locks to Twin Axle Caravan

The locks seem very secure and I wouldn’t want to put anyone off using them. We had them for many years on our single axle and they work a treat. For me, on the twin axle, they’re just too much hassle and I never really worked out a way to make it easy. We have the added issue of being on a slope and gravel drive, making it a horrible task.

We went for the Nemisis Ultra as we just wanted a secure lock that was easy to fit. That’s exactly what this lock is. It isn’t the cheapest, but for ease of use, it can’t be beaten. First time I fitted it, I actually thought I’d fitted it incorrectly.

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