Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro

Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro

As you might be aware, we enjoy going to the South of France. We’ve been for 3 straight years now, but are not going this year. Anyway, this isn’t a France blog. It’s actually about something we bought specifically to take to France. Previous two years we went we took our Kampa Air awning.

On the first year we set up the awning and ended up unzipping the front and side panels, so used it as a “canopy”. On the second year, we didn’t even take the front and side panels and used it in the same way. Then the THIRD year we decided not to take the awning at all and decided to buy a canopy (Fiamma 410XL) which was great. With the storm straps, it endured some pretty windy conditions, about 50KMH. It was a bit scary, but we left it up and it was fine. This obviously gave us some shade, however, flies, mozzies and bugs, in general, are always a pain. So, we needed a solution. What we came up with was the Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro. When I say “we came up with..” I don’t mean we invented it, we decided to purchase it.

Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro On Amazon

It’s a 4 sided gazebo. The “pro” version has waterproof sides on all 4 dies. It also has fly / windscreens all around.

It gave us the following advantages

  • Kept flies out
  • Kept Sun out
  • Kept Wind out

Our pitch was right on the beech and therefore there was a constant “breeze”. To be honest more than 50% of the time it was like Storm Dennis and almost drove us potty. 

We often ate our food in it as it offered shade and protection from the near incessant wind.

Very, very easy to put up. It really does “pop up”. I couldn’t believe the amount of “anchor points” it had, including one in the middle of each with which acted like a storm strap. Seriously, this thing is going nowhere!

Folding it away again was interesting. We’ve had a pop up 2 man tent before. One of our sons used to be into Athletics and we used to sit in a field all day. So it was great for shade / getting out of the rain. However, it was a pain to pack away. I used to wait until everyone else went home before folding it away. You had to sort of fold it, jump on it and twist your arms at the same time.

Putting It Up

With the Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro you step inside and pull the middle of the roof down. This starts a sort of chain reaction and you end up in the bag along with the awning. That’s not actually true, but it is reasonably simple. If you look on YouTube you’ll probably see a few examples of people putting it up and down again.

As we were on quite a large pitch in France we had the caravan with canopy, the Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro, a two-man tent, the CADAC AND a table and chairs

Quest Leisure Screen House 4 Pro In Use In France

If you’re in the market for a pop-up gazebo I’d recommend this without hesitation. You can probably buy cheaper, but this is very good quality. They do a less expensive version that doesn’t have the zip on sides.

Less Expensive Version

Quest Screen House 4-2.44m x 2.44m - Green & Grey*
  • This easy to put up gazebo can be packed away for easy storage and go up in under one minute, made from quality materials and perfect for outdoor use in the summer or as a shelter. It has a waterproof roof and can accommodate up to four people in a large internal space.
  • Dimensions Side Size: 244 x 210 cm, Floor Size: 244 x 244 cm, Height: 210 cm, Folded: 167 x 16 x 16 cm, Weight: 11.5kg
  • Contents 1 x 4 Sided Gazebo Screen House, 1 x 3 Fully Mesh Screened Sides, 1 x Fully Screened Double Door, 1 x Storm Straps Included

What’s the difference between the normal and the pro (apart from £70). Well, from memory, you all 4 sides have waterproof sides (which also give UV protection), additional storm straps.

Our YouTube Quest Screen House 4 Pro Review

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