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What Do You Mean, Do Everything?

I’d just like to say, right from the start, I didn’t invent solo caravanning. I know this might come as a shock to you, so I’ll start a new paragraph whilst you compose yourself.

Now you’re feeling better, I’ll continue. This was my first solo caravan trip. I know what you’re thinking; “International vlogger ? Why is he travelling alone?” Well, the truth is, Mandy didn’t want to go to the NEC, to visit the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show. Even that’s not correct, she would have quite liked to have gone for about an hour and certainly not for 3 and a half days.

Yes, some people went longer and yes, some people went alone. Some people….

Here’s the thing, I’m used to there being two one us. It’s only when you’re on your own that you appreciate how much the other person does.

Forgetting Things

I forget things at the best of times. This time I forgot to my watering can. Not that I was expecting to get a sudden urge to water the Orchids, but if you’re a caravanner you’ll know the importance of a watering can. In our caravan it carries out one very important task. it’s used to fill the toilet flush tank. I’d forgotten it. I hunted around for an empty bottle. Nothing.

I could have used a cup, but that would have taken hours. In the end I ended up using a square washing up bowl to fill the flush tank. This was very messy, my shoes were covered in water! Of course, bing an international vlogger I had something else to worry about. I foolishly got a tow cover with “Caravan Vlogger” splashed all over it. So not only was I making a fool of myself, I was letting everyone know who I was.

The above was tongue in cheek. It’s true our tow cover does have our logo on. It’s also true I am an international vlogger, I mean I’ve vlogged in France 🙂 Fortunately there was no one around as far as I know. Then again Facebook could be plastered in photos of me, sink bowl in hand trying to literally get a square peg in a round hole…

Travelling Solo

In theory, this is great. I can listen to what music I went, I can stop when I want, drive how I like and eat and drink whatever takes my fancy.

For the first half an hour, I was like a little kid. Yay adventure time woo hoo. Then I got hungry. Ah, I didn’t think to bring any food into the car, it was all in the caravan. I couldn’t find an empty layby. Damn.

Then I started worrying that maybe I didn’t lock the caravan doors. Maybe I didn’t secure the jockey wheel. Did I leave the hand brake on? Is the breakaway cable secured? Normally I’d ask Mandy and she’d sat I did, probably even if I hadn’t, but my mind would be at rest.

Then, of course, I realised, I could actually listen to the music I wanted, stop when I wanted, drive how I liked and eat and drink whatever, with Mandy there. In my situation, there are absolutely no advantages to solo travel. I realise some do it through choice and others due to circumstances.

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Arriving On Site

I’d never arrived on site on my own. It had never occurred to me that it was at all weird a man checking in on his own until I literally put my hand on the site office door to open it.

“Just the one person”

“Yes, just me, here for the NEC show”

Then a warden appeared from the back office.

“I recognise you”

I wasn’t sure if that was good or not, I didn’t recognise him.

“Love your YouTube Channel. To be honest, I can’t remember its name”

I’ll settle for that. All very weird, we’re only a small channel in comparison to others.

Backing onto the pitch was tricky. Not because I don’t normally do it, but because I didn’t have anyone to help. Even though Mandy generally stands on the wrong side she can shout if I’m about to hit something. This time I almost knocked the white peg over.

Of course, it wasn’t straight so I messed about to 10 minutes using the motor movers to try and get it straight.

I joke from time to time in my vlogs about being an “international vlogger”. I hope it’s obvious I’m joking, however, strictly speaking, it is true, I’ve vlogged in England and France.

Disaster Strikes

Those who follow my vlogs will know whilst solo caravanning I had one of the worst things that can happen; a mechanical failure. Probably my own fault, I’d been eating porridge for breakfast for days, so probably didn’t know my own strength. I pulled the jockey wheel into the travelling position and tightened the clamp to secure. Snap! At first, I thought it was a locking washing snapping into place, but was confused when I moved my hand and I was still holding the handle.

Fortunately, our jockey wheel mounts to the side of the A frame and not through the middle, so I just put the jockey wheel in the boot of the car.

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