Specialised Covers Bailey Unicorn IV Towing Cover

Specialised Covers Bailey Unicorn IV Towing Cover

After months of research into these things we’ve finally decided on a towing cover. They are not cheap and I was undecided on their usefulness. I’d really convinced myself when writing an article a while on towing covers :-

Caravan Towing Cover – Do I Need One?

In this article I asked if it was really necessary to have one, I pretty much came to the conclusion that in reality it wasn’t. I reasoned that in 12 years of towing a caravan around I’ve never had a stone ping up and cause any damage. Then in the article I reminded myself of a conversation I once had with a friend who was a Policeman. Just as a reminder; years ago I was undecided on buying a house alarm and he told me that most people bought a house alarm after they’d been burgled. On the basis of that conversation I bought a house alarm.

So years later I’m now haunted by the conversation and applying it to wether or not to buy a tow cover. I’m driving around towing the caravan thinking “if something pings up and damages the caravan I’ll wish I have bought a cover”. Then the other side of my brain chimes in, “You’ve been safely towing for 12 years and never had any damage to the front”

It all depends on your attitude to risk. Once something like that enters my head I’m on a one way road to spending money.

I spoke to Mrs CaravanVlogger about it and she said, “I think it’s a good idea”


Then I started formulating an idea of having our CaravanVlogger logo on the front, that would be pretty cool. I use a rear dash-cam in some of our vlogs, how good would that be having the logo on the front cover and being able to film as we drove along. Yes, it’s quite possibly taking over my life.

Which One Did We Decide On?

Firstly, this is not a paid article, and we’ve bought the tow cover ourselves and decided ourselves which one we wanted. I feel I have to point this out. Whilst I’m being honest I also feel the need to say that Mandy obviously has the final say in these things. It was my idea to add the logo, after I got approval from the afore mentioned person obviously.

When I read an article or see a video when someone is waxing lyrical about something I want to believe them. It’s my personal opinion that if someone is being “paid”, I can’t put 100% faith in their opinion and certainly wouldn’t spend £400 on a product based purely on that person’s opinion, unless I knew the reasons for their opinion, therefore  if you’ve paid for something and have no allegiance to the product or company, you’ll give a more honest, believable review / account. With that said (I’m now hoping the more cynical of you don’t accuse me of protesting too much!)  Still, I’ll continue….

Some time back I looked at both Pro-tec Covers and Specialised Covers. I looked at both “universal” and “made to measure”. ( I use the term “looked” loosely, I looked online ). I personally think that although universal ones are perfectly good, I didn’t like the way they looked, also, I didn’t want all the attachments up each side, the way they attach to the caravan. These type of things need to be easy, else I won’t use them.

Pro-tec Covers have a very good reputation and are active on caravanning social media and certainly seem well connected that way. They are very approachable and exactly the type of company I’d like to buy from. They seem to have a lot of caravanning friends on Twitter, just an observation.

Specialised Covers on the other hand, seem less “personally” involved on twitter, not really an issue for me however, I wouldn’t base my product choice on how much I like the people, well, not on something this important.

Specialised Covers Bailey Unicorn IV Towing Cover Tow Pro Elite

I think in an ideal world if Pro-tec made Specialised Covers tow covers…But they don’t. Now the reason I say this is because Pro-tec are more involved on social media, so are more engaged with their likely customers. Many Caravanners on Twitter, for example, seem to use their covers. Now, this could be because they appear better value, or it could be that Pro-tec engage more. Specialised Covers top end towing covers offer more, but of course cost more. It’s down to how much protection you want.

With the two makes I looked at, a like for like comparison is very difficult in someways. Pro-tec covers make a universal cover as well as made to measure. The universal is £170 and the made to measure is £225, both offer very good value.

Specialised covers do a few in their range. Tow Pro Lite £179, Tow Pro £199, Tow Pro + £299 and the Tow Pro Elite £399. I think a fair comparison is Pro-tec’s made to measure at £225 and Specialised Cover’s Tow Pro at £199

It’s my opinion that the Specialised Covers Tow Pro Elite is the best tow cover money can buy, it’s certainly one of the more expensive covers. However, this might be more than you want to spend. I think a few things drew me to the Specialised covers. Firstly the look of it. I think it looks better, some other tow covers look somehow baggy. Secondly, the fact that the Tow Pro Elite towing cover is padded with 8mm armour. Thirdly you can drop the cover down to expose the window. When we stop on the way down to the South of France, for example, we can up-zip the window without taking the whole cover off. It also allows access to the front locker, which would be great, except we don’t have a front locker..

That said, it is the most expensive cover. Do you get what you pay for? Well, at the moment I can’t be sure, as it hasn’t yet arrived. However, once it arrives I’ll put some more information here as well as some photos and possibly a vlog on how to fit it.

If, in the meantime, you need any info about where we purchased from and details of ordering / lead times etc get in touch, I’m happy to answer any questions.

It Finally Arrived

So, our tow cover finally arrived. What do we think of it?

Well, so far, so good. We actually went for the Specialised Tow Pro Elite, as I mentioned earlier in this post. (I hadn’t forgotten I’d already mentioned it). In the video I don’t mention it. As they hadn’t paid me to make it, or given it to me, or asked me to review it, I withheld the product details 🙂 Actually that’s not why I did it, I didn’t want anyone to think I was being somehow biased. As mentioned at the top of the post, it’s important to me to be able to give an honest opinion.

I did fit it without looking at the instructions, it wasn’t like some find of Kypton Factor type challenge, I mean, they’re really not that difficult. Having said that they aren’t exactly intuitive the first time you fit them.

They are wonderfully light I have to say (I don’t HAVE to say!). However, I can’t easily get the damn thing back in the bag. Why to manufacturers do this? A lot of them do it, an item will come in a lovely snug tight fitting bag. But of course, the item was put in the bag by some 14 year old child who does this type of thing 20 hours a day, it’s easy for them. Fold, fold, inserts.

( Caravan Vlogger in no way supports or endorses the use of child labour in any product, especially not Caravan accessories )

Of course I’m not saying that Specialised Covers use child labour, heaven forbid! I just wanted to clear that up. If they did I wouldn’t have bought it 🙂

As you’ll see from the video, once you put it on incorrectly it’s easy to put it on correctly. Naturally I intentionally put it on the wrong way first, just to make you look good when you do it, so you should thank me…

Anyway, it really is very good, as you’ll see we also had our logo put on it, just for a bit of fun. The tow cover does go on easily, it is light and of course it protects the front of the caravan.

Watch Me Fit It

So, here I am, clown of the year putting my tow cover on, unaided and without the use of instructions. BTW the instructions are really good and include nice photos of how to do it…

It’s not a “review” it’s not even a “how to” it’s just me fitting my tow cover for the very first time. Please be aware, this is my first attempt, you will definitely learn by my mistakes and hopefully you won’t (will) laugh.

Just as a PS. I do intend fitting it properly before we next go one a trip! I know those of you who take this sort of thing more seriously won’t be impressed and for that I’m truly sorry. Actually, I’m not, I wanted to try out the tow cover, just I did exactly that…

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