Stay indoors and be a hero. Stay indoors and save lives. It’s easy.




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Unnerving Times

As I write this blog I’m sat at home and it marks the end of the first week that I’ve been at home. In that time I’ve been in the garden once and been to Tescos once and that’s it. When everyone is being told to stay indoors, I literally need to get out more!

It’s not that I’m particularly worried about getting ill, we do, generally speaking, stay at home. It’s a place we like to be. It’s semi-rural, a location we chose to “be away” from people and in that respect, it certainly fits the bill. There’s a little photo here of our back garden during the one time I got on into it this week whilst I’m working from home in order to follow Government guidelines.

So, as far as health is concerned we’re all well. Rumours are starting about a friend of our daughters Dad has Coronavirus, I assume we’ll all get to know someone that gets it, but hopefully, it has a happy outcome.

I know I’m in a very fortunate position at the moment. I’m self-employed, working in IT. My current contract is with the UK Government and we’re very lucky to be able to work from home, but maybe, more importantly, being paid. Of course, being a Government project, they could well-decide money is better spent elsewhere, and unless I felt like retraining as a nurse I could end up “losing my situation”, as Dickens might have said. “Let me hear another sound from you,” said Scrooge, “and you’ll keep your Christmas by losing your situation!

Dickens’ quotes aside, things are fine. We have food, although it’s taking an increasing amount of time to find what we need. You could absolutely lose all faith in humanity if you watched some of the scenes on TV and indeed playing out in just about every supermarket in the country.

Panic Buying. Why?

As soon as we got wind of panic buying, we made sure we had enough essentials. We’re lucky again in that Mandy doesn’t work so was able to spend time looking for basic essentials. It’s the sort of behaviour you see before any Bank Holiday and at Christmas. The shops are shut for one day, but you’d think they aren’t going to open again.

I think panic buying is made up of fear, ignorance, with a sprinkling of selfishness.

I still can’t figure out why people panic buy toilet paper? Not just in this country either. Although the media would have the thinking panic buying is a strictly British thing.

Media’s Behaviour

I’ve had to turn off from a lot of the CoronaVirus news. Honestly, it’s getting ridiculous, as if people aren’t worried enough. It’s hard to just get facts without someone putting their own personal slant on it. Or indeed listening to people trying to make political gain out of the situation.

I’m also finding this with some YouTubers. Just about everyone with “CoronaVirus” in the title, I automatically think is clickbait. I guess you can’t blame them in one way. I myself have a vlog where MotorhomeVlogger is in my caravan in isolation. However, I’m putting a positive, lighthearted spin on people, not on the illness.

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It’s Just Like Flu Isn’t It?

Up until now, I’m been consoling myself, by telling myself it’s just like having the flu and it only affects the elderly or those with weakened immune systems, or underlying health issue, as they put it.

We’re now hearing that fit and healthy people aren’t immune. I don’t think it’s like an apocalypse, but it’s as near to one as I want to get! I’m hearing more, it’s not like flu it’s pneumonia, which is completely different.

Try Not To Think About It Too Much

When we get through this crisis, as we will, all being well, there’s a lot of mess to clear up. Think about the financial situation. A lot of businesses have basically gone into hibernation, they’ll all have to get restarted. Pensions, stock markets, savings, will all be hit.

But, as the title says I try not to think about it too much. Let’s count our blessings, and work with this one day at a time. Just imagine that first trip away, if you can get a booking somewhere 🙂

Everything Is Closing

Caravan sites, takeaways, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops are all closing. Only the caravan sites bother me if I’m honest. We have had a few things cancelled including a few trips away. It’s a small price to pay I guess. I was worrying about people thinking they could still go away in their caravan / motorhome. People were suggesting that was a way of self isolating. In a way it is, but I just knew there would be some sort of backlash. And indeed there was, Andrew Ditton had to take down a perfectly reasonable, well balanced vlog. I didn’t get to see any of the comments, but I can only imagine what they were. Some people get into a weird mentality, like when some spoke about Brexit. A “Little England” mentality. Having said that, it’s probably what got us through 2 world wars, who knows!

There Will Be A Price To Pay

We all have some price to pay. At the moment we’re not able to see our daughters and one of our sons. Our daughter lives about 5 miles away and visits regularly, but following the guidelines, we won’t see her for at least 3 weeks, probably longer. Some are and will pay a higher price. There will also, eventually be a financial cost, not only to the Government but to us individually too. Loss of earning, loss of savings, loss of pension value etc

Look On The Bright Side

I tend to be upbeat about these things, or at least try to be. It’s not really that I’m a happy go lucky, carefree kind of guy, far from it. It’s probably because I’m a little too scared of looking reality square in the face. I’ll bury my head a bit. As long as I can put food on the table, that’s enough as it stands. Everything else can wait. I’m not particularly gutted we can’t go away in the caravan, it just makes sense not to.

I do feel for those stuck abroad, but I don’t think we would have made the trip abroad if it were us. The virus has been a thing for a few months now, certainly since the beginning of the year. I understand there would be financial implications and it’s very easy for me to look at these things with the benefit of hindsight.

Do Something Different

I personally need to exercise more. Actually I just need to start by exercising at all. Now is a perfect time to start isn’t it? I mean, if you’re working from home or not working at all, you’re still allowed out to exercise.

As I’m working from home I save about 4 hours a day, 4 hours I can do things for me. At the moment I’m playing Playstation 4 games and just treated myself to a game called Doom. Which involves slaying lots of aliens. Helps relieve some stress 🙂 I’m also saving a small fortune by not having to travel into London and not buying a coffee and croissant!

Home Working

Mandy is doing jigsaw puzzles, although these were in short supply we had to buy a Christmas scene of all things. I just said a jigsaw is a jigsaw. Queue the dirty look!

Stay Well, Be Safe

Stay well be safe and try not to worry too much. I’ll try and get a regular supply of vlogs out, doing my bit to keep the community smiling. Remember to stay at home as much as you can, it really does make a hell of a difference to how many people die. It literally is that important.

Most people if asked would jump into a lake to save someone drowning, they might even run into a burning building to save a crying baby. All we’re being asked to do to save lives is stay indoors.

Stay indoors and be a hero. Stay indoors and save lives. It really is that easy.

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