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Swift Basecamp 4

With the advent of the smaller caravan including the Swift Basecamp 4 comes a myriad of marketing mumbo jumbo. Now, I’m not anti small caravans, they certainly have a place in the market and no doubt prove popular with their target audience. I don’t mean any of that, I just didn’t want to offend anyone who might be looking to buy one. It’s your money, you do what you like.

So, who is the target audience for the Swift Basecamp 4? Well, let’s have a look at the marketing messages.

There you go, from that little lot, I’d say younger “adventurous” couples that enjoy spending time outdoors that can afford more than a tent.

Yes, this is a 4 berth caravan.

Dimensions 5.59m L, 2.28m W, 2.58m H
Internal length 3.91m
Berths Four
MTPLM 1,161kg

I’ve said this previously in other vlogs and articles, what I don’t understand is the pricing. It’s a similar thing when sometimes children’s clothes are not cheaper than adults, even though they’re half the size. OTR price is £21,245 and if you look at them they are basic. Unquestionably trendy, but basic, oh and small.

I was wondering exactly what “the camping crossover vehicle” meant when speaking of the Swift Basecamp 4. I can only assume it’s suggesting the vehicle is somewhere between a tent and a caravan? So, why not get either a tent or a caravan? Well, if you’re put off by towing a larger caravan it certainly offers better accommodation than a tent, but the price gap between a tent and this is HUGE. However, moving up to a full-size caravan is only a small jump, if any at all. It could also be used as a stepping stone to a caravan, to see if you like it. If that’s the case you might as well just buy a cheap caravan, or a trailer tent.

Of course, people will say I don’t understand why people like the Swift Basecamp 4. I’d say to someone that it’s no cheaper than a regular sized caravan and they’d say I was missing the point. I understand the point of having a smaller caravan, being able to access places that my 8-metre twin-axle can’t get. I understand being able to climb mountains, walk for miles, come back knackered and return to a 5 metre caravan where you’d struggle to get your wet, cold outdoor clothes off. You could use my caravan and just park a mile further down the road, the walk will be good exercise AND you wouldn’t have to give up on space and luxury.

You can get larger caravans than the Swift Basecamp 4 that you can tow without taking an extra test. You can get larger caravans that will get you into the “wilderness”.

I bet that the same people that bought 4×4 cars because of their “off-road” capabilities buy these. I mean, they’ll just park next to me on a caravan club site. Or it could mean you’ll get stuck in even more remote inaccessible locations…

A Swift Basecamp 4 was parked next to us on our first trip after Lockdown Part One. It had a HUGE awning, which made it almost the size of our caravan.

They’re made to look rugged and I think for the most part they pull it off.

Having said all that, I do like them and you wouldn’t need a motor mover, you could just push it into position.

I do understand why people buy them, but it’s a style, or lifestyle thing rather than a caravan this size being more practical in my humble opinion. I’m often wrong and you might not agree with me, but we should remain friends, there’s no need to fall out about it.

I went in one at a caravan dealer not so long ago and they are pretty cool and not as small as I thought they were going to be. Just don’t tell anyone I said it…

Here’s a list of “features”

  • Special Edition exterior graphics pack
  • 16” ‘Rim Fire’ alloys
  • Spare alloy wheel in gas locker
  • Rear door with window
  • Exclusive ‘Tangerine’ soft furnishing scheme
  • Soft touch wall pads with integrated storage pockets


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