Best Swift Caravan Comparison By Model 2024




Swift Caravan Comparison.

Being able to compare all Swift caravans in one place can be invaluable. Which one’s have a fixed bed? How do all the MTPLM’s compare? Find that information and more in the below table. It has all the 2024 Swift caravans lineup. Click on any of the caravan images to take you directly to Swift’s website pages for that range of caravans, if really couldn’t be easier.

Whilst you’re looking you’ll notice you can filter out the specific range, weight, or even price range to suit your needs.

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Swift Caravan Models Comparison

A list of touring caravans manufactured by Swift Caravans. Search and filter on your favourite models, comparing prices, sizes and weights.
ImageMakeModelPrice £BerthLayoutMTPLMPayloadWidthLengthAxle
Basecamp 4SwiftBasecamp 425,995411461362.285.59Single
Basecamp 3SwiftBasecamp 325,995311261262.285.59Single
Basecamp 2SwiftBasecamp 224,495210431112.285.1Single
Elegance Grande 860SwiftElegance Grande 86046,7954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom20772012.457.98Twin
Elegance Grande 845SwiftElegance Grande 85046,7954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom20671602.457.98Twin
Elegance Grande 845SwiftElegance Grande 84546,7954Transverse Bed End Washroom20512012.457.98Twin
Elegance Grande 835SwiftElegance Grande 83546,7954Transverse Bed Mid Washroom20772012.457.98Twin
Elegance Grande 780SwiftElegance Grande 78043,4954Transverse Bed End Washroom18921972.457.57Single
Elegance Grande 760SwiftElegance Grande 76043,4954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom18711562.457.57Single
Challenger Grande 635 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger Grande 670 Exclusive39,2956French and Bunk Beds18701802.457.98Twin
Challenger Grande 635 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger Grande 650L Exclusive39,2954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom18121602.457.98Twin
Challenger Grande 635 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger Grande 635 Exclusive39,2954Transverse Bed Mid Washroom18401602.457.98Twin
Challenger 580 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger Grande 580 Exclusive36,7954Transverse Bed End Washroom16791572.457.63Single
Challenger Grande 560L ExclusiveSwiftChallenger Grande 560L Exclusive36,7954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom17131572.457.63Single
Challenger 650 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger 650 Exclusive36,4954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom17671602.287.98Twin
Challenger 560 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger 580 Exclusive33,7954Transverse Bed Rear Washroom16131572.287.63Single
Challenger 560 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger 560 Exclusive33,7954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom16311572.287.63Single
Challenger 480 ExclusiveSwiftChallenger 480 Exclusive31,1952Rear Washroom14421272.286.68Single
Challenger Grande 670 SESwiftChallenger Grande 670 SE37,4956French and Bunk Beds18201802.457.98Twin
Challenger Grande 650L SESwiftChallenger Grande 650L SE37,4954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom18051602.457.98Twin
Challenger Grande 635 SESwiftChallenger Grande 635 SE37,4954Transverse Bed Mid Washroom18331602.457.98Twin
Challenger Grande 560L SESwiftChallenger Grande 580 SE34,9954Transverse Bed Rear Washroom16722.457.63Single
Challenger Grande 560L SESwiftChallenger Grande 560L SE34,9954Rear Island Bed17061572.457.63Single
Challenger 650 SESwiftChallenger 650 SE34,6954Rear Island Bed17601602.287.98Twin
Challenger 560 SESwiftChallenger 560 SE31,9954Rear Island Bed16241572.287.63Single
Swift Challenger 480 SESwiftChallenger 480 SE29,3952Rear Washroom14351272.286.68Single
Sprite Grande Quattro EBSwiftSprite Grande Quattro FB30,5956French Bed Dinette16901602.467.98Twin
Sprite Grande Quattro EBSwiftSprite Grande Quattro DB30,5954Bunk Beds Dinette17101802.467.98Twin
Sprite Grande Quattro EBSwiftSprite Grande Quattro EB30,5954Rear Island Bed16901602.467.98Twin
Swift Sprite Grande Major 4 SBSwiftSprite Grande Major 4 SB27,4954Transverse Bed10941562.467.54Single
sprite-compact-2024SwiftSprite Compact21,1952End Kitchen10942.035.37Single
sprite-alpine-2SwiftSprite Alpine 222,7952End Washroom12182.256.05Single
Swift Alpine 4SwiftSprite Alpine 422,9954French Bed12841452.256.45Single
Swift Sprite Major 4 SBSwiftSprite Major 4 SB24,9954Transverse Bed14421562.257.54Single
Swift Sprite Major 4 EBSwiftSprite Major 4 EB24,9954Rear Island Bed14761562.257.54Single
Swift Sprite Major 6 TDSwiftSprite Major 6 TD25,4956Bunk Beds15281762.257.54Single
Swift Sprite Quattro EWSwiftSprite Quattro EW27,5956End Washroom16102.257.98Twin
Swift Sprite Quattro FBSwiftSprite Quattro FB27,5956French Bed16302.257.98Twin

Swift Caravans Model Comparison

Are you in a muddle picking the perfect Swift caravan for your family adventures or solo travels? With a sea of models and features, it’s easy to get lost in caravan comparisons. Don’t worry; whether you’re after space for the kids and dogs or something snug for two, understanding which model best fits your needs is key.

Swift Caravans are known for their blend of comfort, style, and practicality. Did you know that this leading brand offers an array of options from luxurious tourers to compact trailers? Our guide dives into different Swift models and what makes each one unique.

We’ll help cut through the confusion so you can hit the open road with confidence. Get ready for insights that could lead to your next home away from home!

Key Takeaways

  • Swift Caravans offer a variety of models with unique features to cater to different needs, from luxurious tourers like the Swift Elegance Grande to compact options such as the Swift Basecamp.
  • Key considerations when choosing a Swift caravan include energy efficiency, living and sleeping space, bed options, towing compatibility, and whether it is NCC Approved for safety and quality assurance.
  • The 2024 range introduces an array of new models with 10 different options available, showcasing manufacturing excellence and providing unparalleled aftercare for owners.

Explore the wide range of popular Swift Caravan models available, from the spacious Swift Freestyle to the stylish and modern Swift Hi-Style. These are “Dealer Specials”, certain dealers have their own model, which adds value over the regular Swift version. Each model offers its own unique features and benefits for your next adventure.

Swift Ace

The Swift Ace stands out as a family-friendly touring caravan that seamlessly blends comfort with practicality. Sporting an array of layouts, it offers fixed bed options and generous living spaces, making it ideal for families on the go.

Its smart design maximises room for relaxation and entertainment without compromising on mobility.

Opting for a Swift Ace means investing in a model known for its solid build quality and meticulous attention to detail. Features such as energy-efficient fittings ensure that both short trips and long adventures are enjoyable.

The Swift Ace is designed not just to accommodate but to enhance your caravanning experience with its commendable specifications and thoughtful touches.

Swift Corniche

Swift Corniche stands out as a great choice for adventurers who need a touch of luxury on their travels. This caravan boasts an array of features that balance homely comforts with practicality, ensuring every journey is enjoyable.

It has a well-designed interior that maximises space without compromising on style. With energy-efficient fittings and LED lighting, it keeps running costs down while providing bright and cosy living areas.

Outfitted with comfortable sleeping options including fixed beds, the Swift Corniche promises restful nights after days spent exploring. High-quality upholstery and durable materials are used throughout, reflecting Swift’s commitment to quality in all its touring caravans.

Its stylish exterior houses ample storage solutions, allowing you to pack everything you need for the perfect family-friendly getaway. Whether hitched up for weekend breaks or longer stays, this model provides a reliable home away from home that makes travelling effortless and pleasurable.

Swift Fairway

Moving on from the Swift Corniche’s classic features, the Swift Fairway offers its own distinctive edge in the caravan lineup. Tailored for a blend of comfort and style, this model is a dealer special that stands out with exclusive furnishings and innovative design touches.

The Fairway range delivers family-friendly layouts that maximise living and sleeping space without sacrificing elegance or functionality.

Outfitted with energy-efficient systems and NCC Approval, these caravans ensure your touring experience is top-notch in terms of both performance and peace of mind. They come equipped with fixed beds for added convenience, offering a restful night’s sleep after a day of adventure.

Towing compatibility is also considered in this model; it’s designed to hitch up smoothly to your vehicle so you can hit the road with ease. With such attention to detail, the Swift Fairway makes an impressive statement as part of the award-winning Swift caravan portfolio.

Swift Freestyle

Leaving the traditional charm of the Swift Fairway behind, the Swift Freestyle emerges as a vibrant contender in the caravan ranges. This model is a special edition touring caravan designed to provide an exceptional blend of style and functionality.

Uniquely tailored for those seeking adventure without sacrificing comfort, the Freestyle serves up a family-friendly layout with enough flexibility to entertain guests or unwind after an action-packed day.

The caravan comes equipped with all of the essentials, including a well-appointed kitchenette, cosy living areas, and fixed bed options to ensure restful nights. It’s built keeping energy efficiency in mind so you can roam freely without worrying about excessive power consumption.

The Swift Freestyle stands out for its robust construction coupled with contemporary interior design that promises durability along with modern flair – making every travel experience both comfortable and stylish.

Swift Hi-Style

The Swift Hi-Style caravan is the go-to choice for those who seek a blend of luxury and practicality. It boasts a sleek design with modern furnishings that make your travels feel like a home away from home.

This model features a well-equipped kitchen, complete with top-notch appliances, making meal prep on the road as easy as pie.

Safety and comfort take center stage in the Hi-Style, with its secure towing system that ensures peace of mind during long journeys. The family-friendly layout offers versatile bed options, including fixed beds that promise restful sleep after an adventurous day out.

As you explore what makes each Swift caravan unique, let’s move on to discover the characteristics of “Swift Icon”.

Swift Icon

Swift Icon stands out in the caravan ranges with its eye-catching design and thoughtful features. Crafted for adventurers who love to travel in style, this model boasts a modern interior that provides comfort and luxury on the road.

Sleek cabinetry paired with high-quality upholstery gives the Icon an air of sophistication while ensuring practicality.

Every inch of space is used efficiently in the Swift Icon, offering ample storage solutions without compromising on living areas. It’s equipped with a fixed bed that promises restful sleep after a day of exploration.

Large windows flood the caravan with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere for families and friends alike. Its energy-efficient systems mean you can enjoy off-grid travel without worry, making it an excellent choice for both short getaways and extended journeys.

Swift Kudos

The Swift Kudos stands out with its clever design that maximises space while ensuring a cosy living environment. It’s an ideal choice for families, offering various layouts to suit different needs, from weekend getaways to longer touring adventures.

This model comes packed with features like energy-efficient lighting and a well-appointed kitchen, making it both practical and comfortable.

Inside the Kudos, you’ll find a welcoming interior with comfortable seating areas that convert into sleeping spaces at night. With towing compatibility in mind, the chassis is designed to be stable on the road, reassuring drivers during transit.

As your journey ends each day, the reliability of NCC approval adds peace of mind regarding safety standards. Next up: the Swift Major models showcase additional luxury options for those seeking extra sophistication on their travels.

Swift Major

Transitioning from the Swift Kudos to the Swift Major, it’s essential to consider a model that embodies style and practicality. The Swift Major offers a winning combination of innovative design and modern features.

With its spacious interior, fixed double bed, fully equipped kitchen with integrated appliances, and contemporary furnishings, the Swift Major ensures a comfortable and enjoyable touring experience.

This family-friendly model also boasts excellent fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those seeking adventure on the open road.

Swift Platinum Fairway

The Swift Platinum Fairway offers luxurious features, including a spacious kitchen, a comfortable lounge area, and generous storage options. It boasts modern furnishings and high-quality appliances, making it perfect for extended trips.

If you’re looking for a caravan that combines elegance with practicality, the Swift Platinum Fairway is an excellent choice. With its contemporary design and thoughtful layout, this model provides a truly enjoyable travel experience.

Transitioning to the next model comparison, let’s explore the features of the Swift Quattro.

Swift Quattro

The Swift Quattro offers a spacious and luxurious living experience, ideal for families seeking comfort on their travels. With its contemporary design and high-quality features, it provides a comfortable environment for relaxation.

The caravan’s well-thought-out layout provides ample space for sleeping, dining, and socialising, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a family-friendly option.

Its modern kitchen is equipped with all the essentials needed to prepare delicious meals while on the road. The bathroom is designed to provide convenience and comfort during travel.

Swift Sprite

The Swift Sprite offers a modern and stylish design, perfect for those seeking a comfortable and practical caravan. With its lightweight construction, it’s easy to tow, making it ideal for both short weekend getaways and longer trips.

The spacious interior layout provides ample living and sleeping space, along with well-equipped kitchen facilities, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable travel experience.

For families or couples looking for an affordable yet feature-packed caravan, the Swift Sprite is a fantastic choice that combines functionality with comfort. Its contemporary features make it stand out in the market as a versatile option for those who value quality and ease of use.

Swift Sunrise

Swift Sunrise offers a spacious and modern design, suitable for family-friendly adventures. With its energy-efficient features and comfortable living space, it provides an ideal home away from home.

The Swift Sunrise also boasts a range of bed options to accommodate different needs, ensuring a restful night’s sleep during your travels. Additionally, its towing compatibility and NCC approval make it a reliable choice for those seeking unparalleled aftercare.

Swift Super Major

Transitioning from the diversity of layouts and spaciousness offered by the Swift Sunrise, the Swift Super Major stands out with its exceptional blend of luxury and practicality. Boasting a family-friendly layout with fixed bed options, this model provides ample living and sleeping space for all your adventures.

With an NCC Approved designation, it offers peace of mind for both energy efficiency and towing compatibility, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable touring caravan.

The Swift Super Major’s specifications make it a standout option when comparing caravan models, providing unparalleled aftercare to ensure top-notch manufacturing excellence in every detail.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swift Caravan

Consider the energy efficiency, living and sleeping space, bed options, towing compatibility, and NCC Approved status when choosing a Swift Caravan. Read on to discover more about what each model offers!

Energy efficiency

Swift Caravans are committed to energy efficiency, with models featuring advanced insulation and heating systems. LED lighting is standard across the range, reducing power consumption without compromising brightness.

The eco-friendly design of Swift Caravans ensures efficient use of resources while maintaining optimal comfort for travellers. This commitment to energy efficiency makes Swift Caravans an environmentally conscious choice for those seeking sustainable travel options.

The Energy Saving Trust Endorsement highlights the exceptional performance of Swift Caravan models in terms of energy efficiency, offering peace of mind to environmentally conscious buyers.

Living and sleeping space

The living and sleeping space in Swift Caravans varies across models. Some feature spacious lounges that convert into double beds, while others offer fixed beds for added convenience.

With a range of layouts available, families can find options with bunk beds or separate sleeping areas for children. Additionally, many Swift Caravans come equipped with well-designed kitchen spaces and ample storage solutions to maximise the living area.

For those seeking versatility, some models include convertible dinettes which provide additional dining or lounge space during the day and transform into sleeping areas at night.

Bed options

Consider the bed options when choosing a Swift Caravan. Look for models with fixed beds, ideal for those who prefer not to rearrange their sleeping area each night. Some models offer convertible beds, providing flexibility to adapt the space according to your needs.

Check for bunk beds if you have children or often travel with guests, creating dedicated sleeping areas without sacrificing living space. Ensure that the bed options cater to your specific needs and preferences, offering comfort and convenience for a relaxing journey.

Towing compatibility

When choosing a Swift caravan, consider its towing compatibility with your vehicle. Check the maximum towing capacity of your car or 4×4 to ensure it can safely tow your chosen caravan model.

Look for Swift caravans that fall within the towing limits of your vehicle, offering you peace of mind when travelling.

Ensure that the gross weight (MTPLM) of the caravan does not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. Matching the caravan’s weight to what your vehicle can safely tow is essential for safe and stable handling on the road.

NCC Approved

NCC Approved means that the caravan complies with standards set by the National Caravan Council, ensuring it meets safety and quality requirements. Look for NCC approval when choosing a Swift caravan to guarantee its construction, heating, gas, ventilation, and electrical systems are all compliant with industry regulations.

Consider NCC Approval as a crucial factor when purchasing a Swift caravan to ensure compliance with necessary safety and quality standards. This certification provides peace of mind regarding the overall build and operation of your chosen model.

Next up on our list is “Popular Swift Touring Caravans.”.

Discover the popular Swift Elegance Grande, Challenger Exclusive, and Sprite Compact touring caravans and find out which one suits your travel needs best. Read more to compare their features and specifications!

Swift Elegance Grande

The Swift Elegance Grande is a luxurious touring caravan designed for those who appreciate elegance and comfort on the road. It boasts spacious living areas, chic interiors, and top-of-the-line features that cater to discerning travellers seeking style and convenience.

With its well-designed layout and attention to detail, the Elegance Grande offers a relaxing retreat while exploring new destinations. Its exceptional build quality, modern amenities, and superior craftsmanship make it an ideal choice for those looking for a deluxe touring experience.

This high-end model from Swift Caravans combines sophisticated design with practical functionality, ensuring that every journey is as enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, the Swift Elegance Grande provides a home away from home with all the comforts one could desire in a premium touring caravan.

Swift Challenger Exclusive

Transitioning from the luxurious Swift Elegance Grande to another premium model, the Swift Challenger Exclusive offers an exceptional combination of style and practicality. With attention-grabbing design elements and top-notch features, this touring caravan ensures comfort for families or small groups during their travels.

The Swift Challenger Exclusive boasts a spacious interior with modern furnishings, well-equipped kitchens, and practical washrooms. Its versatile layout options make it suitable for various travel needs, ensuring that every journey is enjoyable and stress-free.

With its stunning appearance and well-designed interiors, this model stands out as an excellent option for those seeking both functionality and elegance in a touring caravan.

Swift Challenger SE

The Swift Challenger SE boasts a modern design and exceptional features. It offers spacious living and sleeping areas, along with energy-efficient amenities. The Swift Challenger SE is NCC Approved, making it a reliable choice for those in search of a stylish and well-equipped touring caravan.

Moving on to the next popular model in the Swift Caravans lineup, let’s look at the impressive features of the Swift Sprite Compact.

Swift Sprite Compact

Transitioning from the spacious Swift Challenger SE, the Swift Sprite Compact offers a more compact option without compromising on comfort and convenience. This touring caravan is designed to be lightweight and easy to tow, making it an excellent choice for those seeking versatility and agility on the road.

With various layout options, this model provides flexibility to suit different camping needs with ease.

Featuring modern interiors and thoughtful design details, the Swift Sprite Compact ensures a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. It’s well-equipped with energy-efficient features, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for travellers who value sustainability.

Swift Basecamp

Transitioning to the Swift Basecamp, it’s a compact and lightweight touring caravan designed for adventurous couples or small families. The Basecamp offers off-road capability, making it suitable for those seeking outdoor excursions in rugged terrains.

With its distinctive design, practical features, and durable build, this model is perfect for those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

The Swift Basecamp boasts a contemporary interior with flexible seating and sleeping arrangements, providing a comfortable living space during travels. Equipped with innovative storage solutions and modern amenities, including a well-appointed kitchen area and bathroom facilities, this versatile caravan offers an enjoyable home away from home experience.

New 2024 Swift Caravan Ranges

Introducing the new 2024 Swift Caravan Ranges with 10 models to choose from, different layouts available, manufacturing excellence and unparalleled aftercare – find out more by reading the full blog.

10 models to choose from

With 10 diverse Swift caravan models to choose from, there’s something for every type of adventurer. Each model features unique layouts and specifications, designed to cater to different needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly option or a touring caravan with unmatched aftercare service, Swift Caravans offers a wide range of award-winning choices that provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for your travels.

Different layouts available

Choose from a variety of layouts to suit your needs, whether you prefer a fixed bed, twin beds, or convertible dining spaces. The diverse range includes family-friendly designs with spacious lounges, well-equipped kitchens, and flexible sleeping arrangements.

Explore the options that best fit your travel style and preferences.

Find layouts that offer smart storage solutions, comfortable living spaces, and practical kitchen setups for an enjoyable touring experience. Each Swift caravan model boasts unique layouts created with attention to detail and practicality in mind.

Manufacturing excellence

With a commitment to precision and quality, Swift Caravans uphold manufacturing excellence in every aspect of their production process. From the meticulous selection of materials to the construction and finishing touches, each step reflects a dedication to delivering exceptional caravans.

The incorporation of advanced technologies and stringent quality control measures ensures that every Swift caravan is built to high standards, offering customers reliable and durable products.

This dedication to manufacturing excellence sets Swift Caravans apart as a leading brand in the industry, providing peace of mind for those seeking top-tier touring caravans.

Unparalleled aftercare

Swift Caravans offer unparalleled aftercare services to ensure that customers have ongoing support and assistance. Their dedicated team provides expert advice, servicing, and maintenance to keep your caravan in top condition.

Whether it’s technical support or help with accessories, Swift Caravans is committed to delivering exceptional after-sales care.

The aftercare team at Swift Caravans goes above and beyond to help you get the most out of your touring experience. From warranty service to spare parts availability, they are focused on ensuring that customers can enjoy their adventure without any worries about the upkeep of their caravan.


In conclusion, navigating through the various Swift caravan models can be exciting. Comparing specifications and features helps find the perfect fit for your adventures. Understanding your preferences is key when choosing a touring caravan from the diverse Swift lineup.

Assessing factors such as space, energy efficiency, and aftercare support adds value to your ultimate selection. Exploring the new 2024 ranges unveils innovative layouts and manufacturing excellence for an exceptional travel experience.