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Swift Group are one of the largest UK caravan manufacturers, they have an impressive array of offerings in the caravan and motorhome sectors, as well as static caravans.

Swift Group are one of the largest UK caravan manufacturers, they have an impressive array of offerings in the caravan and motorhome sectors, as well as static caravans. In line with pretty much every other manufacturer they offer entry level and top of the range caravans, which vary in price and equipment. All of their caravans are now under one name, so the name Sterling is no longer used.

See our complete caravan comparison table of ALL the touring caravans in the Swift range.

Swift’s Full Range

Swift Sprite

Swifts entry level  caravan, or as Swift themselves describe it :

Sprite is the UK’s best-selling, multi-award winning caravan range. Completely redesigned last season it has a more up-market feel and continues to revolutionise entry-level caravanning. Swift Group’s website

The Swift Sprite has 10 models, so hang on to your hats, we’ll be testing you later.

  • Sprite Alpine 2 ( 2 berth )
  • Sprite Alpine 4 ( 4 berth )
  • Sprite Major 4 SB (4 berth )
  • Sprite Major 4 EB ( 4 berth )
  • Sprite Major 6 ( 6 berth )
  • Sprite Major 6 TD ( 6 berth )
  • Sprite Quattro EW ( 6 berth )
  • Sprite Quattro FB ( 6 berth )
  • Sprite Quattro DD ( 6 berth )
  • Sprite Quattro EB ( 6 berth )

Swift’s nomenclature goes like this:

SB – Side bed EB – End bed TD – ( It has rear dinette and bun beds? EW – End Washroom FB – Fixed bed DD – ( It has 4 singles ? )

Sprite Alpine 2

Sprite Alpine 4

Sprite Major 4 SB

Sprite Major 4 EB

Sprite Major 6

Sprite Major 6 TD

Sprite Quattro EW

Sprite Quattro FB

Sprite Quattro DD

Sprite Quattro EB

Swift Sprite Super

With the Sprite Super range there are just two choices. Sprite Super Quattro FB and the Sprite Super Quattro DB. If you learn anything from this page, you’ll learn the different naming conventions. So here, we have the FB (Fixed Bed) and DB, umm, (Dinette and Bunks?) that saig both have a dinette and these look to be firmly aimed at families.

Sprite Super Quattro FB

Sprite Super Quattro DB

Swift Challenger

So moving up the Swift range a bit here, we have the Challenger. This isn’t a review of all models as such, more to give you an idea of caravan layouts and to see how they differ from one make to another. Swift’s own website holds all the technical and sales patter you could ever need before going to visit a dealer. I mean, really, how much choice do you need?

  • Challenger 480

  • Challenger 580

  • Challenger 560

  • Challenger 565

  • Challenger 580

  • Challenger 590

  • Challenger 635

  • Challenger 645

  • Challenger 650

Swift Eccles

Until recently Swift have marketed Eccles under the Sterling brand, alas no more. We owned a Sterling Eccles and although we don’t dislike Swift at all, we were always weirdly proud to say we owned a Sterling, as opposed to a Swift. It might be caravan snobbery, I have no idea. Anyway, now they’re all Swifts. The range have exactly the same numbers as the Challengers above. In fact, if you download the layout picture above they are named as Challenger-Eccles. There’s a difference in the finishing which is best appreciated by visiting a dealer. My opinion is that the Swift branding has been a bit more traditional (old fashioned) and the Sterling a bit more modern and progressive. i.e. they don’t always have wood effect finishing on kitchen cupboards etc. It’s all a personal taste thing, but you can sometimes have just too much choice.

Swift Elegance

As the name suggests this is at the higher end of the market (pricer) whether or not you think you get value for money is very subjective. It really depends on your budget and how important certain things are.

Elegance 480

Elegance 530

Elegance 560

Elegance 565

Elegance 580

Elegance 635

Elegance 645

Elegance 650

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