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We mainly take our caravan on the Ferry from Dover However, we have also used the Channel Tunnel. This was when we took our dog with us. We didn’t like the idea of leaving the dog in the car when on the ferry, I can’t imagine it’s a relaxing environment, with car alarms constantly beeping.

Overall I’d say it was marginally less stressful than the ferry and of course you stay in your car or you could even sit in your caravan.

Checking in is automatic, you drive up to a barrier and type in your reservation number. In return you are given a letter which is called when you’re ready to board the train. You need to follow the screens directing you where to go, depending on your letter. Sometimes the signs aren’t idea and can be difficult to see, so take your time and keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re a bit early there’s a place you can park and visit some shops. You’re letter is called out when it’s time to board.

You can be asked to pull over for them to check that your LPG is turned off. Sometimes they do, other times they don’t.

Passports are then checked. By French Passport control.

After passports are checked, follow the “High Vehicles” sign, there will also be a picture of a caravan, again, as with the Ferry, these could be clearer.

You then get a lane number, which is where you wait to board, there’s not as many lanes are on the ferry!

You then drive down a ramp and onto the train. It’s pretty cool driving onto the train and it’s wide enough not to cause any issues, as long as you give it a wide enough angle!

After a short journey, you’re there, drive off the train and that’s it. It’s much quicker and easy than the ferry. We don’t mine the ferry, we’re in no rush and the whole prefer the ferry. This is of course, a personal taste thing.

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