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Best 8-Foot Wide Caravans In The UK


Navigating the world of spacious caravans can be a real conundrum, especially when you’re searching for one that couples expansive interiors with stylish exteriors. The fact is, 8ft wide caravans are gradually carving their niche in the UK’s caravan market due to their unrivalled luxury and extra living space.

This blog post will guide you through options, considerations and even comparisons between twin axle and single axle models – all tailored to make your caravan quest hassle-free. Ready to discover everything about luxurious 8-foot-wide travelling homes?

Key Takeaways

  • 8ft wide caravans offer increased interior space and more sleeping arrangements, providing occupants a comfortable and versatile living environment.
  • Considerations such as access on non-main UK roads, driveway and campsite access, and storage requirements should be considered when choosing an 8ft wide caravan.
  • Popular brands like Swift and Bailey offer a range of 8ft wide caravans in the UK, with stylish designs and various layout options to choose from.
  • When comparing twin axle and single axle 8ft wide caravans, it’s essential to consider factors such as towing ease, manoeuvrability, weight capacity, stability, and specific needs as a caravan owner.

Benefits of 8ft Wide Caravans

8ft wide caravans provide increased interior space and offer more sleeping arrangements.

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Increased interior space

The allure of the 8ft wide caravan is hard to ignore when considering the generous increase in interior space it provides. This wider design expands living and sleeping areas, creating a more comfortable environment for occupants.

The Bailey Pegasus Grande SE and Alicanto ranges serve as fine examples, boasting six additional inches of width that significantly enhances spaciousness inside these caravans. Brands like Swift, Elddis, Coachman, and Adria also offer this luxury in their offerings.

With a fixed bed layout emerging as the preference among buyers due to this increased space trend, it’s clear why these larger models are growing popular despite road width concerns in the UK.

More sleeping arrangements

The beauty of 8ft wide caravans lies not just in their spacious interior but also in the increased versatility they possess. More than simply an area for leisure, these mobile units can easily accommodate extra guests thanks to a greater number of sleeping arrangements.

Traditional bed spaces are a given, but the innovative layout design often facilitates additional convertible sleeping areas from dining tables or sofas.

This excellent feature means that holidaymakers do not need to worry about accommodating unexpected guests during family trips or get-togethers with friends. Despite morphing into comfortable bedrooms at night, the caravans maintain plentiful living and dining space throughout the day due to clever space-saving influences from European designs.

With this flexibility comes improved comfort and increased capacity – key benefits driving up demand for used models like Swift’s 8ft offerings on high-end markets such as Coachman VIP 540 Xtra.

Considerations for 8ft Wide Caravans

When considering an 8ft wide caravan, it’s important to think about access on non-main UK roads, as well as driveway and campsite access. Additionally, storage requirements should be taken into account.

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Access on non-main UK roads

Navigating the quaint, narrow arteries of the UK’s non-main roads can present a unique challenge for wider caravans. While their ample interior space and travel comfort are beyond doubt, these 8ft wide behemoths may need help to manoeuvre through UK’s tighter lanes.

Particularly in rural or congested urban areas where road space is limited, potential owners must take into account the desire for increased caravan width against driving ease and practicality on less frequented routes.

Swift, Adria, Elddis – all prominent manufacturers offer 8ft options, but towing these on long winding country trails demands careful thought before purchasing. With UK road conditions varying greatly from main motorways to smaller off-grid paths, your dream of owning an expansive 8ft-wide caravan must weigh up possible difficulty navigating such routes against spacious camping indulgence.

Driveway and campsite access

When considering purchasing an 8ft wide caravan, one important factor to keep in mind is driveway and campsite access. It’s crucial to ensure that the width of your caravan will fit comfortably on your driveway and be able to manoeuvre easily at campsites.

Some people have expressed concerns about campsite access widths for 8ft wide caravans, as well as narrow roads in certain areas of the UK. However, it’s worth noting that there are accessible campsites available for larger caravans and many second-hand 8ft wide caravans on the market.

By taking into account these considerations, you can make sure your caravan fits smoothly into both your travel plans and storage needs.

Storage requirements

When considering an 8ft wide caravan, it’s important to think about the storage requirements for such a spacious vehicle. With around 17 square feet of additional floor space compared to a standard caravan, you’ll need adequate storage options to make the most of this extra room.

Luckily, many 8ft wide caravans come equipped with clever storage solutions that maximize every inch of available space.

Having ample storage is essential for keeping your belongings organized and ensuring a clutter-free living area. Look for caravans that offer built-in cupboards, overhead lockers, and under-seat compartments.

These versatile storage areas allow you to stow away clothing, kitchen essentials, and other travel necessities in a neat and tidy manner.

Properly utilizing the available storage space will not only help keep your caravan organized but also contribute to efficient weight distribution when towing. Remember that maintaining proper weight balance is crucial for safe handling on the road.

Swift and Bailey are two popular brands that offer a range of 8ft wide caravans in the UK.

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Swift’s 8ft offerings

Swift is a renowned caravan manufacturer in the UK, and they’ve been offering 8ft-wide caravans since 2018. One of their popular ranges is the Swift Elegance, which includes three 8ft-wide models that can comfortably accommodate four people.

These caravans come with various layout options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. With their stylish design and award-winning range, Swift’s 8ft wide caravans are a great choice for both new and experienced caravanners.

And if you’re looking for a second-hand option, there’s also demand in the market for these wider caravans. So why not consider Swift’s 8ft offerings when searching for your next caravan adventure?

Bailey’s 8ft offerings

Bailey, a trusted and renowned caravan brand in the UK, has an impressive lineup of 8ft wide caravans that are sure to impress any caravan owner. Their Alicanto Grande Estoril model, for instance, is a single axle beauty with two fixed single beds and a full end washroom.

It offers ample space for a comfortable sleeping arrangement and convenient facilities. With Bailey’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and luxurious design, their 8ft wide offerings are definitely worth considering when looking for extra interior space in your caravan.

Comparison of Twin Axle vs Single Axle 8ft Wide Caravans

When comparing twin axle and single axle 8ft wide caravans, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each, as well as factors such as towing ease and maneuverability.

Pros and cons of each

Single axle and twin axle caravans each have their own set of pros and cons to consider. Single axle caravans are known for their ease of manoeuvrability, making them a great option for navigating narrow roads and tight spaces.

They also tend to be lighter in weight, which can result in lower fuel consumption and potentially lower costs overall. On the other hand, twin axle caravans offer increased stability and have a higher weight capacity, making them ideal for those carrying heavy or large loads.

Additionally, twin axles distribute the weight more evenly across all four wheels, providing a smoother towing experience. However, it’s important to note that some caravan sites may have restrictions on twin axle caravans due to their size or weight.

Considerations for towing and manoeuvrability

When it comes to towing and manoeuvrability, there are a few important factors to consider for 8ft wide caravans. Firstly, you’ll want to take into account the size and weight of the caravan in relation to your vehicle’s towing capacity.

It’s crucial to ensure that your car is capable of safely towing the caravan without putting undue stress on its engine and braking system.

Another consideration is the distribution of weight in the caravan. With twin-axle caravans, the weight is spread over two axles, which can provide better stability during towing compared to single-axle caravans.

This can be especially beneficial when dealing with crosswinds or uneven road surfaces.

However, it’s worth noting that twin-axle caravans tend to be heavier than their single-axle counterparts, which means they may require a car with a higher tow rating. Additionally, twin-axle caravans can have limitations when it comes to access on non-main UK roads or certain campsites due to their larger size and weight.

On the other hand, single-axle caravans are generally more maneuverable and can be towed by a wider range of vehicles. They also tend to be easier to park and navigate through tight spaces or corners.


In conclusion, 8ft wide caravans in the UK offer a range of benefits, including increased interior space and more sleeping arrangements. While there may be considerations for access on non-main roads and storage requirements, these spacious caravans provide unrivalled luxury and comfort for caravan owners.

With popular options from Swift and Bailey, as well as twin axle versus single axle choices, there is a wide variety of 8ft wide caravans to suit different needs. Whether you’re looking for roomy interiors or stylish designs, the best 8ft wide caravans in the UK deliver ample space and modern comforts.


  1. What are the advantages of owning an 8 foot wide caravan in the UK?

Owning an 8 foot wide caravan in the UK provides more space and comfort compared to narrower models. It allows for larger living areas, spacious bedrooms, and increased storage capacity for longer trips.

  1. Are there any restrictions or considerations when towing an 8 foot wide caravan in the UK?

Towing a wider caravan may require additional expertise and caution due to its larger dimensions. It’s important to ensure that your vehicle is suitable for towing such a caravan and adheres to weight limits set by law.

  1. Do all campgrounds in the UK accommodate 8 foot wide caravans?

While many campgrounds in the UK can accommodate wider caravans, it’s advisable to check with specific sites before making reservations. Some older or smaller campsites may have limited spaces available for wider vehicles.

  1. What are some popular brands known for manufacturing quality 8 foot wide caravans in the UK?

In the UK market, popular brands renowned for producing high-quality 8-foot-wide caravans include Swift, Bailey, Adria, Coachman, Lunar, Elddis, and Buccaneer. These manufacturers offer various models with different features and layouts to cater to individual preferences and needs.

Factual Data (and article sources):

General Facts

1. 8ft wide caravans are a topic of debate within the caravanning community in the UK.

2. There are no specific rules for choosing the best caravan, but an 8ft wide caravan might be for you if you’re seeking more interior space.

3. Wider caravans are common in Europe and have become increasingly popular in the UK.

4. The Challenger X range offers four 8ft-wide, four-berth models, including the newly launched 860 model.

5. Towing an 8ft wide caravan is becoming more common, but some considerations and challenges may be involved.

6. The extra internal space in an 8ft wide caravan is a matter of personal preference and may only sometimes be fully utilised.

7. There are second-hand 8ft wide caravans available for sale in the UK.

8. Some people may experience difficulties when towing an 8ft wide caravan, so it’s important to be aware of potential problems.

9. Popular caravan brands, such as Swift and Elddis, offer 8ft wide caravans for sale.

10. Fixed bed caravans with an 8ft width, such as those from Adria, are also available for purchase.

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Facts about -Increased interior space, Benefits of 8ft Wide Caravans

1. The increased width of 8ft wide caravans provides additional interior space, making them more spacious compared to narrower models.

2. The extra floor space in 8ft wide caravans allows for easier movement inside the caravan.

3. The layout benefits of 8ft wide caravans have become apparent, attracting more people to consider purchasing them.

4. The Bailey Pegasus Grande SE and Alicanto ranges are examples of 8ft wide caravans that offer six inches of additional width, resulting in a noticeable increase in interior space.

5. Towing an 8ft wide caravan is generally manageable and does not cause significant discomfort or difficulty.

6. Despite concerns about the width of the roads in the UK, the popularity of 8ft wide caravans is growing due to the advantages of increased interior space.

7. Elddis Avante 840, an 8ft wide caravan layout, has received industry awards for being the best caravan in its price range.

8. There is a demand for second-hand 8ft wide caravans in the market.

9. Brands like Swift, Elddis, Coachman, and Adria offer 8ft wide caravans for sale in the UK.

10. Some buyers specifically look for 8ft wide caravans with a fixed bed layout.

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Facts about -More sleeping arrangements, Benefits of 8ft Wide Caravans

1. 8ft wide caravans offer more sleeping arrangements and benefits due to their spaciousness and extra floor space.

2. The seating area/dining table in an 8-foot caravan provides more legroom for a comfortable experience.

3. Wider caravans, like the 8ft wide ones, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

4. The extra inches in an 8ft wide caravan create a more spacious feel and make it easier to move around inside.

5. The Coachman VIP 540 Xtra, a single axle 8ft wide caravan, is considered one of the best options for couples in 2023.

6. Towing an 8ft wide caravan is generally not a problem, with a length of 2.4m (7ft 10.5″).

7. There is a demand for second-hand 8ft wide caravans, including popular brands like Swift, Elddis, and Adria.

8. Fixed bed 8ft wide caravans are also sought-after in the market.

9. The availability of 8ft wide caravans for sale in the UK includes models from Coachman and Elddis.

10. Wider caravans, such as 8ft wide ones, are common in Europe and are gaining popularity in the UK.

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Facts about -Access on non-main UK roads, Considerations for 8ft Wide Caravans

1. The majority opinion about 8ft wide caravans in the UK is that the roads need to be wider to tow something larger, especially in areas with narrow roads.

2. UK caravan manufacturers are starting to offer 8ft wide caravans as an option, although it is different.

3. Wider caravans are more common in Europe and are gaining popularity in the UK.

4. Some concerns have been raised regarding towing wider caravans on smaller non-main roads in the UK.

5. Access on non-main UK roads is a consideration for those looking to purchase 8ft wide caravans.

6. The wider width of 8ft caravans may pose challenges when navigating narrow roads in the UK.

7. While 8ft wide caravans are available in the UK, there are concerns about towing them on long, narrow UK roads.

8. Some individuals believe that 8ft wide caravans are better suited for motorways and larger A roads rather than smaller non-main roads.

9. The availability of second-hand 8ft wide caravans is also a topic of interest for potential buyers.

10. Swift, Adria, Elddis, and Coachman are among the caravan manufacturers offering 8ft wide caravans in the UK.

11. The wider width of 8ft caravans may provide more interior space and comfort for travellers.

12. The question of whether a wider caravan is the best choice in 2023 is being debated, taking into account factors like road access and towing challenges.

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Facts about -Driveway and campsite access, Considerations for 8ft Wide Caravans

1. Some people within the Caravan Guard poll expressed concerns about campsite access widths for 8ft wide caravans.

2. The majority opinion was that the roads in the UK need to be wider to tow larger caravans in certain areas.

3. Caravan design is customer-driven, and there is little demand for 2.5m wide touring caravans, which is why there are few available.

4. Many people are unsure of the laws around towing and owning caravans in the UK.

5. The 8ft wide caravan was voted less popular, possibly due to concerns about road width limitations.

6. There are second-hand 8ft wide caravans available for sale.

7. Some popular brands offering 8ft wide caravans include Swift, Adria, and Elddis.

8. Potential buyers should consider factors like driveway and campsite access when purchasing an 8ft wide caravan.

9. Towing an 8ft wide caravan may require careful consideration and adherence to caravan laws in the UK.

10. The availability of 8ft wide caravans may be limited due to the specific demand in the market.

11. The width of caravans is a significant factor in the decision-making process for caravanning enthusiasts.

12. A wider caravan may provide added space and comfort for travelers during their caravan trips.

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Facts about -Storage requirements, Considerations for 8ft Wide Caravans

1. An 8ft wide caravan provides around 17 square feet of additional floor space compared to a standard 7ft 5 inch wide caravan.

2. Wider caravans, including 8ft wide caravans, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

3. The maximum dimensions for a habitable touring caravan in the UK are 20m long, 6.8m wide, and 3.05m tall.

4. Towing an 8ft wide caravan may pose some challenges, and it is essential to be aware of the relevant caravan laws in the UK.

5. There are various options available for 8ft-wide caravans, including models from Swift, Elddis, and Adria.

6. Couples looking for the best caravan may consider an 8ft wide model as it offers additional internal space compared to standard caravans.

7. Some related searches in this context include problems towing an 8ft wide caravan, second hand 8ft wide caravans, and 8ft wide caravans with fixed beds.

Source URLs

1. Swift is one of the UK mainstream caravan manufacturers that offers 8ft wide caravans since 2018.

2. The Swift Elegance range includes three 8ft-wide models, all of which are four-berth and have different layout options.

3. The Swift Challenger Grande is an 8ft-wide caravan that offers increased interior space and stylish design.

4. Wider caravans, including 8ft wide options, have gained popularity in the UK, following the trend in Europe.

5. Swift’s 8ft wide caravans are part of their award-winning range of touring caravans.

6. There is a demand for second-hand 8ft wide caravans in the market.

7. Towing an 8ft wide caravan may pose potential problems, as it requires careful consideration of width restrictions and manoeuvrability.

8. The availability of 8ft wide caravans with a fixed bed layout, such as the Elddis brand, can be found in the market.

9. Adria is another brand that offers 8ft wide caravans for sale.

10. Coachman is a brand that has an 8ft wide caravan available for sale.

11. The Swift Sprite touring caravan is the best-selling model in the UK and is also available in an 8ft-wide variant.

12. Buying an 8ft wide caravan is a consideration for both new and experienced caravanners.

Source URLs

1. Bailey, along with other mainstream caravan manufacturers such as Swift and Lunar, has been offering 8ft wide caravans in the UK since 2018.

2. The Bailey Pegasus Grande SE and Alicanto ranges are just six inches wider than the Bailey Unicorn but offer extra interior space.

3. The standard width of a caravan is approximately 7ft 4″, making 8ft-wide models significantly larger.

4. 8ft-wide caravans are available with both single and twin axles, providing options for different towing preferences.

5. Bailey is a popular caravan brand in the UK known for its high-quality craftsmanship and luxury design.

6. Bailey offers the Alicanto Grande Estoril, an 8ft-wide single axle caravan with two fixed single beds and a full end washroom.

7. There are various options for buying second-hand 8ft wide caravans in the UK.

8. Fixed bed layouts are available in 8ft wide caravans for those seeking added convenience and comfort.

9. Swift also offers 8ft wide caravans as part of its lineup.

10. Elddis is another brand that has 8ft wide caravans for sale in the UK.

11. Adria is known for its 8ft wide caravans, providing spaciousness for travellers.

12. Coachman is a brand that offers an 8ft wide caravan for sale, catering to those looking for a wider space.

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Facts about -Pros and cons of each, Comparison of Twin Axle vs

1. There are 8ft-wide caravans available in both single axle and twin axle options.

2. The benefits of a single axle caravan include ease of maneuverability and potentially lower costs.

3. Single axle caravans have one wheel on each side, while twin axle caravans have two wheels on each side.

4. Twin axle caravans offer increased stability and a higher weight capacity.

5. Some caravan sites may have restrictions on twin axle caravans.

6. The average length of a twin axle caravan may vary.

7. There are specific laws and regulations for towing a twin axle caravan.

8. Twin axle caravans are advantageous for heavy or large loads.

9. Twin axle motorhomes exist as well, providing additional stability and weight capacity.

10. Choosing between a single axle and twin axle caravan depends on personal preferences and specific needs.

Source URLs

Facts about -Considerations for towing and manoeuvrability, Comparison of Twin Axle vs

1. Twin-axle caravans are heavier and may require a car with a higher tow rating.

2. The stability of a twin-axle caravan during towing depends on its length and weight.

3. Twin-axle caravans offer greater stability during towing compared to single-axle caravans.

4. The weight of an 8ft wide caravan is distributed better over two axles, reducing the weight on the nose.

5. Single-axle caravans are typically more manoeuvrable and can be towed by a wider range of vehicles.

6. Twin-axle caravans may not be allowed on some sites due to their size and weight.

7. The longest single-axle caravan may provide a different level of stability than a twin-axle caravan.

8. Some people may experience problems with twin-axle caravans, although the specific issues are not mentioned.

9. The average length of a twin-axle caravan is not specified.

10. Single-axle caravans are generally cheaper to insure compared to twin-axle caravans.

11. Towing an 8ft wide caravan may present some challenges, but the specific problems should be mentioned.

12. A twin-axle motorhome is mentioned, but further details need to be provided.

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