Preparing For A New Caravan Season

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New Caravan and Motorhome Season

Congratulations, you’ve now almost made it through the worst of the winter. Having said that we always expect winter to give one last blast before it departs for another few months.

As soon as spring rears its head and the Daffs start emerging, thoughts go to spending more time in your Caravan or Motorhome (or camper van, tent or anything else you spend time outdoors in)

Most of us do a few jobs around the Caravan, like give it a bit of a clean, kick the tyres. You might even check your wheel nuts and lubricate your outside locker seals. Whatever you do, make sure you do the necessary checks. I’ll include a link at the bottom to some caravan tips on what you need to be checking.

Anyway, first up, you’ll want to book holidays. Whether it’s abroad in France or just a few miles down the road Caravanning is a great way to experience the great outdoors without really having any hardships. You still have your shower, cooker, heating if required and a kettle!

It doesn’t need to be stressful. I’ve put together a vlog on some of the labour-saving devices I use. I’m not saying I’m lazy, but when you arrive on sire there are a few things that need taking care of. So, why not make things a little easier.

Making Life A Bit Easier

If you don’t currently have a Caravan and are thinking of getting one, I have a few caravan tips for you on how to start caravanning and how to make sure you’re ready for this new and rather addictive hobby.

Are You Sure It’s For You?

If you’re a man and need to convince your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriends, or even yourself, here’s a vlog that will show you some more accessories for on the inside of the caravan.

Most of the things I do are detailed in the following vlog. You might do other things. By the way, you’ll see me testing for damp. I am just showing you the sort of thing you need to check, rather than being the go to vlog for damp checking.

Check for damp, check your wheel buts and tires etc…

That’s about it. You should get your caravan serviced yearly. It will at least ensure your gas is safe. We use a mobile engineer, so he comes to us. You might like to tow it to your nearest main dealer. Check with your supplier if they’re happy for you to use a mobile service engineer, especially if you’re still in warranty.

We found our engineer from here :



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