A bold claim by Kartt. “The ultimate jockey wheel”.

Just for transparency; Kartt did contact us to ask if we would test this jockey wheel. We were happy to oblige, I just wish they’d contacted me a month before, I wouldn’t have bought the pneumatic one. Such is life 🙂

Who are Kartt?

They’re a UK based, they are a major supplier of trailer jockey wheels, known for there “Orange Jockey Wheels”

What Makes it “Ultimate” in the Eyes of the Manufacturer (Kartt)

Their products are tested to twice the recommended working capacity with a high quality rubber tyre. This is a lot better than my existing plastic one that was supplied with the caravan, you know the one, it looks a little like it’s better placed on a child’s bike. So this is where they differ from pneumatic jockey wheels, there’s no air, so no chance of deflation..
Karrt are a new company to me, I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of them. It’s probably because a jockey wheel isn’t something you get excited about until you need to change it and of course, I did. I wasn’t happy with the performance of my jockey wheel on our gravel drive. Karrt do a range of jockey wheels, not just this one, as well as commercial products as well.

This jockey wheel incorporates Karrt’s very own “Turn-Lok” which they say helps prevent the jockey wheel from unwinding when travelling. I’ve only had a problem with a jockey wheel once, where I could hear a noise as we were driving along. I pulled over at the service station and noticed that the jockey wheel was touching the road surface. It’s not that I had forgotten to pull it up (although Mandy naturally accused me and with some justification). So the only conclusion I came too was that it had somehow worked loose. BTW it did create a flat spot on the wheel.

Kartt Jockey Wheel Vital Statistics 

  •   Steel handle for extra strength.
  • 2   Corrosion resistant plating.
  • 3   Maintenance free high grade nylon bearing for smooth movement and no metal to metal wear or break down under load.
  • 4   A large, wide, solid rubber tyre that won’t puncture or easily come off the rim and travels over most surfaces.
  • 5   High visibility orange powder coated steel rim that can be more easily seen if the wheel is not raised after hitching up.
  •   A heavy duty steel rim.
  • 7   A 20mm steel axle to ride inside the nylon bearing allows free running and long life.
  • 8   5mm thick wheel hanger for long durability
  • 9   Heavy duty tube ensures that it not only can take higher nose weights but also the strain from sideways movements.
  • 10   High grade roller bearings for easy turning and long life.
  • 11   Turn-Lok* – a device that stops the handle from un-winding under normal road vibrations.
  • 12   Ergonomically designed handle for easy grip in all weather conditions.

Technical Information:

  • Tube Size ⌀48mm
  • Max Load Weight 250kg
  • Item Weight 6.8kg
  • Tyre: Solid Rubber
  • Rim: Steel
  • Wide Wheel: 220 x 65mm


My hunt for a new jockey wheel began with a question on Twitter. What did people think about pneumatic jockey wheels. 99% of people replied that they had issues with them deflating. I’m not sure why I didn’t heed this advice, but, to my cost I didn’t.

We tested the jockey wheel on our Bailey Cartagena, replacing our supplied plastic caravan jockey wheel. To give it a good test we compared it with our existing Jockey Wheel, as well as a pneumatic caravan jockey wheel we purchased prior to Kartt offering us their jockey wheel to test.

We park our Bailey Cartagena on our drive, which is gravel and on a slope. The supplied jockey wheel, jumps, and slides on the gravel. As we only have two motor movers on the twin axle caravan it isn’t the sharpest of turning circles. With this added issue of jumping with the plastic supplied jockey wheel it makes it hard to get the caravan onto our drive in one go when we arrive home.

With the Pnuematic Jockey Wheel fitted the caravan travelled much smoother over the drive, however, the jockey wheel did fail in epic style (see our You Tube comparison video below.) Behave of the old adage “buy cheap, buy twice”

The Kartt Caravan Jockey Wheel is a great alternative to the pneumatic one. It is solid rubber so can’t puncture and yet, it delivers a smooth performance. It also feels well built and is heavier than the other two wheels, (only by 1kg or so) this means, for me at least, it gives you more confidence.

The movement of the handle to wind the wheel up and down was smoother than our original jockey wheel, however, I felt the pneumatic jockey wheel had the smoothest winding movement. Also the handle on the Karrt is bigger, which means it’s easier to hold when you turn.

By the way, we tested 3 jockey wheels with their own shaft attached, we didn’t just compare the wheel itself. Kartt is supplied with it’s own tube and has its own “Turn Lok” system which prevents the jockey wheel from moving once it’s it its travelling positing. When winding and unwinding the Kartt it gives a reassuring “click” as you turn the handle, something I liked and gave me more satisfaction than I care to admit. Some Caravnners are just, well, weird..


If you’re happy with your current jockey wheel than you’ll not need to change it. If however, it’s been damaged, or isn’t suitable for your drive / storage yard, then the Kartt Ultimate Jockey Wheel is worth a look. We will certainly be using it from now on. I’ve been very impressed and didn’t realise how inadequate our existing jockey wheel was until we tried it.

I certainly wouldn’t want to rely on a pneumatic jockey wheel due to the fact that it is a tyre with air in and if for some reason that air escapes, you’ve got a world of pain on your hands. It’s just not worth the risk for us.

I’m still gutted that I bought the pneumatic one. I now have 3 jockey wheels, I obviously only need 1 🙁

I’ll freely admit, to my own and Mandy’s annoyance, I’m really not happy settling for second best. When I buy something like the pneumatic jockey wheel that doesn’t perform as I expect it really annoys me. Do you really want the added hassle of pumping up a jockey wheel along with checking your wheel nuts, tyre pressures, windows are shut, aerial is down, lockets are locked. Really, I could do without it!

You Tube Review Video

A detailed caravan jockey wheel comparison is available on our YouTube channel. Please like, share and subscribe, it really does help our fledgling channel and website. (Thanks)

Caravan Jockey Wheel You Tube Video

Available from Amazon

Best selling Jockey wheels :

Bestseller No. 1
Kartt 48mm Trailer Jockey Wheel Smooth Steel Rim - High Handle*
  • Tube size - 48mm diameter
  • Rim - Steel
  • Tyres - Solid Rubber
  • Wheel - 200x50mm
  • Length ext. - 220mm
Bestseller No. 3
Kartt 48mm Jockey Wheel with Smooth Pneumatic Tyre*
  • 48mm Jockey Wheel Smooth Pneumatic Tyre
  • Tube size - 48mm Diameter
  • Rim - Steel
  • Tyres - Pneumatic
  • Wheel - 260x85mm
Bestseller No. 4
Jockey Wheel 200mm Wheel and 48mm Heavy Duty Cast Clamp for Traile*
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: Maximum corrosion resistance, complete splitting clamp
  • WHEEL SIZE: Lightweight 48mm race wheel
  • MAX LOAD WEIGHT: Max load with150kg
  • TUBE HEIGHT: The maximum height of the tube can reach 890mm
  • TIRES: Hard rubber tires have 200mm diameter steel wheels
Bestseller No. 5
Maypole 437 pneumatic jockey wheel*
  • Heavy duty telescopic jockey wheel with 48mm Diameter tube
  • 260mm x 85mm wheel and pneumatic tyre
  • Max. nose weight guide 150Kgs
  • Pneumatic Jockey Wheel
  • 48mm Zinc plated tube diameter
Bestseller No. 6
Maypole MP436 48MM Telescopic Jockey Wheel*
  • Constructed for standard duty applications, up to 100kg static nose weight, such as small leisure trailers
  • 48mm outer tube diameter
  • Height extension range 240mm
  • Wire handle with blue plastic grip allows for more clearance when in use
  • Solid rubber tyre and steel rim
SaleBestseller No. 7
Maypole MP228 Spare Wheel for MP227*
  • Maypole SPARE WHEEL FOR MP227 (228)
Bestseller No. 8
vidaXL Motorised Jockey Wheel Trailer Mover Aluminium 12V 350W Motor Vehicle*
  • Overall size: 83 x 84 x 25 cm (L x W x H)
  • Motor: 12 V / 350 W
  • Speed: 6 - 7 m / min
  • Gear ratio: 326:1
Bestseller No. 9
FlowerW 12V/350W Motorized Trailer Wheel 2270Kg Electric Horse Float Power Mover Dolly for Caravan Trailer Boat*
  • 【SPECIFICATION】Max Incline: 5 Degrees; Max Vehicle Load: 2270kg; Max Jockey Wheel Load: 272kg; Adjusted Clamper Height: 32cm/42cm.
  • 【AUTOMATIC BRAKE】The Striker Power Jockey wheel boasts forward and reverse motion, as well as automatic brake function.
  • 【SPECIAL ANTI-SLIP WHEEL】It also has an oversized anti-slip wheel and the ability to be used on slight inclines, which makes it ideal for shifting your prized possessions into awkward positions.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Lift Handle: Adjust the height of Trailer Jack. Control Handle: It allows operator turning handle to right or left. Jockey wheel clamp for fix Trail Jack to vehicle Chassis. Easy to move your car to specified location.
  • 【APPLICATION】12V Motorised Jockey Wheels, making you easy to move and maneuver your caravan, trailer, boat or horse float.
Bestseller No. 10
Maypole 76312 12-inch 19mm Extension Socket*
  • 19mm extended socket for caravan leg winding
  • Suits 10mm drill chucks
  • 12" 300mm length
  • Maypole 12" EXTENSION SOCKET 19MM (76312)
  • Made from a strong and durable steel

*Last update on 2020-06-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Performance - Gravel Drive
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