How do you level your twin axle caravan? Well, you could use these twin axle caravan levelling ramps from Milenco. The item below is just for the bridge that connects the two levellers together, does NOT include levelling ramps, find these further down.

Milenco Quattro Bridge for Twin Axle Caravans*
  • Just drive up and over the bridge to achieve desired lift
  • Recommended for use with the Quattro 2 Levels but can also be used with the Triple 2 Levels
  • Fast, simple and easy levelling on Twin Axle vehicles.
  • Simply attach to the Levellers when placed back to back
  • Listing is for Quattro Bridge only, Levellers NOT included

We don’t often go to CL sites or wild camp, so most of the time we do end up on fairly level pitches. However, if you ever need to level a twin axle caravan, how do you go about it?

From our previous caravan with have a couple of big bright yellow ramps, so in theory, I could use those. The problem is though, I’ve only ever used these on a single axle caravan.

Milenco Triple Caravan Levelling Ramp Set*
  • The triple level uses 3 large pockets that provide a good grip and appropriate support for the tyre at any height.
  • High-grip groove surface to make it easy to use.
  • Chocks are not necessary.
Milenco Quattro 2 Step Wedges Set of 2 including Carry bag & cross water scales*
  • Thule levelling wedges with a wide, non-slip loading area. The Milenco Quattro 2 level wedges provide a fast and reliable solution for levelling a caravan or a camping van.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 24.5 x 81 cm.
  • Material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic.
  • Colour: black. Weight: 8 kg.
  • Box contents: 2 x Milenko step wedges (pair), 1 x carry bag, 1 x cross water scale.

What’s the difference between twin axle caravan levelling ramps and normal levelling ramps? Well, these ones are placed back to back, like a couple of bookends. This way both wheels straddle to top of the stuck together ramps.

You could, of course, use old planks of wood, that is if you didn’t have a wife who was constantly tidying “old bits of wood”. I’m sure each bonfire night I loose my whole stock of these extremely useful bits of wood.

*Last update on 2020-03-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


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