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VIOFO Dashcams

Ever felt anxious about road safety during your caravan adventures? VIOFO dashcams are an effective solution, gaining popularity amongst touring caravan owners for their remarkable features.

This blog post will guide you through the range of VIOFO’s high-quality dash cameras and their key benefits, helping you select the perfect companion for your journeys. Get ready to add another layer of security to your tour with our insights on these innovative gadgets!

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VIOFO Dashcams

VIOFO offers a range of options, from budget to high-end dashcams, with choices for 4K UHD, 2K QHD, and 1080P FHD video quality.

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Range of options (budget to high-end, 4K UHD, 2K QHD, 1080P FHD)

VIOFO Dashcams present a diverse range of options to suit every touring caravan owner’s budget and preferences:

  1. Budget – friendly models capture essential details, perfect for those who need a reliable recording solution without breaking the bank.
  2. Premium models offer high-end features such as 4K UHD resolution, providing eye-popping detail and clarity.
  3. 2K QHD Dashcams strike a balance between affordability and image quality.
  4. 1080P FHD Dashcams are excellent value choices that provide clear footage in different road conditions.
  5. Several dashcam models are designed with dual – channel capability, which means you can record both the front view and rear view of your vehicle simultaneously.

Front and rear dash cam options

VIOFO Dashcams offer a variety of front and rear dash cam options for your caravan. These range from single-channel cameras which focus only on the journey ahead, to dual-channel models that capture both the front view and what’s happening at your back simultaneously.

The beauty of these dual cams is their ability to provide you with complete coverage around your vehicle.

The A129 Pro Duo, for instance, grants comprehensive surveillance with its impressive 140-degree viewing angle in both front and rear lens. For better road safety during night drives or low-light conditions, Sony Starvis Sensors equip most VIOFO models.

This feature enhances footage clarity and detail even in challenging situations or environments. Finally, all VIOFO Dashcams integrate WiFi connectivity and GPS tracking features for easy video access and location monitoring, respectively.

Key features like super night vision, Wi-Fi, GPS, buffered parking mode

VIOFO Dashcams are equipped with a rich array of impressive features designed for your touring caravan’s safety and convenience.

  1. Super Night Vision: Powered by Sony Starvis, this feature allows your dash cam to capture high quality and clear footage even under low light conditions.
  2. Wi-Fi Connectivity: This function enables you to connect your camera to your smartphone or tablet, facilitating instant access and sharing of your road experiences.
  3. GPS Tracking: A handy guide on the road, the GPS feature provides precise location data, speed information, and route history.
  4. Buffered Parking Mode: While you’re away from the vehicle, VIOFO Dashcams stay alert! Any impact or motion detected around your caravan will activate recording immediately – ensuring you miss nothing important.

Benefits of VIOFO Dashcams

VIOFO Dashcams offer high-quality video recording with wide-angle lenses and night vision capabilities, allowing you to capture clear footage even in low-light conditions.

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High-quality video recording with wide-angle lens and night vision

Equipped with a wide-angle lens, VIOFO dashcams deliver high-quality video recording to capture every detail on the road. These brilliant devices boast superior night vision technology that significantly enhances image clarity even in low-light conditions.

You can rely on this cutting-edge feature to monitor your caravan no matter how dark it gets outside, keeping you safe and secure at all hours. Whether day or night, the sharpness of the recorded videos is never compromised, offering an unbeatable view of your surroundings.

With such powerful functionality at your disposal, driving has never been more convenient or stress-free!

Ability to capture number plates

VIOFO dashcams stand out in their unique capability to capture clear images of number plates, both day and night. The high-quality video resolution supported by Sony Starvis sensor enhances this feature by providing vibrant and crisp footage even during low-light conditions.

It’s an essential aspect for touring caravan owners who travel across different regions where tracking vehicles can be crucial.

With the advanced GPS tracking paired up with the ability to record number plates, VIOFO dashcams offer undeniable assistance in monitoring road activities accurately. Whether it’s about tracing a hit-and-run incident or reporting suspicious encounters, having a VIOFO dashcam that captures license plates is like having your own personal car DVR lending you peace-of-mind during your travels.

Enhanced safety and security on the road

Installing a VIOFO Dashcam is like having an extra set of eyes on the road, providing enhanced safety and security for touring caravan owners. These advanced dash cameras not only record high-quality footage of your journey, but they can also assist in incident investigation and insurance claims, reducing uncertainties in traffic disputes.

The GPS feature pinpoints location and speed while buffered parking mode triggers recording if motion or impact is detected around your vehicle. With a VIOFO Dashcam on board, you gain peace of mind knowing that every detail of your drive is captured accurately and reliably.

Quick Recommendation

Please take a moment to check out our quick recommendations or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

  • Ultimate road safety with 4K dual camera video recording: A129 Pro
  • Ultimate Night Vision: Capture clear footage in low – light conditions: A119 V3
  • Ultimate Protection on the Road with 3-Channel Dash Cam: A139
  • Enhanced Safety and Protection with Dual 2K Dash Cameras: A229

Comparison Table

Product NamePriceColourMounting typeVideo capture resolutionSpecial feature
A129 ProBlackAdhesive Mount1080p, 4KCompact,Wireless
A119 V3BlackAdhesive Mount1440pCompact
A139Black, GreyAdhesive Mount1440p 1080p pixelNight Vision, Parking Monitor, Built In GPS
A229Black, GreyAdhesive Mount1080p, 2KNight Vision, Parking Monitor, Built In GPS

1. A129 Pro

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate road safety with 4K dual camera video recording.


  • High-quality video capture resolution: The A129 Pro records in stunning 1080p and 4K, ensuring clear and detailed footage.
  • Wireless connectivity: No need for messy cables. Connect to the camera wirelessly using Wi-Fi technology.
  • Compact design: The A129 Pro is small and unobtrusive, making it easy to mount on your windshield without obstructing your view.
  • Easy installation: Simply use the adhesive mount provided to securely attach the camera to your car’s dashboard or windshield.
  • Convenient control method: Use the dedicated app to control all functions of the A129 Pro, from adjusting settings to viewing recorded footage.
  • Designed for cars: This camera is specifically designed for use in vehicles, providing reliable performance while you’re on the go.

The VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam is a top-tier device designed for the safety-conscious touring caravan owner. As our number one pick, this set combines two compact and discreet cameras that attach directly to your front and rear windscreens. Beyond their unobtrusive design, these dash cams deliver superior video quality thanks to Sony IMX317 sensors that capture ultra-detailed footage in 4K Ultra HD resolution at the front and full HD at the rear. This high-quality video capability ensures every journey you make is well-documented from both angles.

One striking feature of the A129 Pro Duo is its enhanced night vision powered by WDR technology, which adjusts swiftly to bright or dark areas – a crucial function when driving amid other vehicle headlights on nightly tour routes when half of UK road fatalities occur. For tech-savvy touring caravan owners, this dashcam offers convenient wireless access via dual-band Wi-Fi where downloaded footages can be previewed seamlessly through an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, it includes GPS tracking that stores real-time speed, location data and time stamps embedded into your videos – handy evidence for insurance claims or police reports.

This device doesn’t stop working even when you park overnight at camping sites; parking mode activates recording upon detecting any movement around your vehicle while emergency recording captures unexpected incidents during trips making them an essential part of modern-day caravanning journeys. Overall, coupled with user-friendly features such as auto start/stop and time-lapse recording, the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo provides peace-of-mind by offering complete surveillance solution whether parked up for the night or enjoying scenic drives during daylight hours.


  • Dual band Wi – Fi technology allows for wireless downloading of files without removing the camera from the vehicle
  • Superior night vision capabilities ensure clear and detailed footage even in low light conditions
  • GPS tracking feature records real – time speed, G forces, time, and location, providing valuable evidence for insurance claims or police investigations
  • Compact design is easy to install on windows and discreet in appearance while still delivering high – quality 4K video recording


  • Limited mounting options for rear camera
  • App connectivity can be unreliable at times
  • Menu interface on the dash cam itself could be more user – friendly

This product is perfect for the individual who wants to stay protected on the roads with a high-quality 4K dual camera video recording of their journeys! With features such as GPS tracking and superior enhanced night vision, this dash cam will help ensure your safety. So don’t hesitate, get out there and enjoy every journey safely with VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam today!

Product Info

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam – Wifi GPS WDR Enhanced Night Vision Front & Rear Dash Cameras – 130° Wide Angle Compact 4K Wireless Dash Cams for Cars – Emergency Recording & Parking Modes*
  • HIGH QUALITY 4K DUAL CAM VIDEO: All VIOFO car dash cam front and rear sets are designed to provide the best quality video recording and playback. Both in car cameras use a Sony IMX317 sensors & high quality 130° wide angle lenses to ensure footage is recorded 4K Ultra HD with 3840 * 2160 Resolution (front camera) & 1920 * 1080P (rear camera). Built in microphone & motion detection. Premium quality detailed video.
  • COMPACT & EASY TO FIT: Measuring just Front 84mm(L)×55mm(W)×40mm(H) & Rear 53mm(L) x 31mm(W) x 50mm(H),this VIOFO Pro Duo 4K car dash cam set is discreet but high quality. Securely attached directly to your windows & out of your direct eye-line. All VIOFO dash cameras are easy to attach to your vehicles front or rear windscreens with the integrated sticky pad.
  • GPS TRACKING INCLUDED: The Pro Duo 4K dash camera uses secure GPS to store your real-time speed, G forces, the time & your location. This data is displayed in the video file when played back which can be vital for Insurance claims or Police evidence. Combined with other useful features including auto event detection, auto start/ stop, parking mode, time lapse recording and more.
  • SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION: 50% of UK road deaths happen at night. With this in mind the VIOFO Pro Duo 4K in car dashcam has been developed to ensure it provides the clearest possible picture at night. This is thanks to our Sony 317IMX sensors & WDR technology which can quickly adjust to bright & dark areas which is vital when driving with other cars headlights at night.
  • GET THE APP: With built in dual band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) Wi-Fi wireless technology theres no need to remove the camera from your vehicle to download your files. Simply add the app to your smartphone or tablet and you can download your journeys wirelessly. Using the app you can easily preview or download stored video or even control the front and rear dash camera.

2. A119 V3

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate Night Vision: Capture clear footage in low-light conditions.


  • 1440p video capture resolution for crystal clear footage
  • Compact size that discreetly fits on your car’s windshield
  • Adhesive mount for easy installation and removal
  • Includes GPS bracket for accurate speed and location tracking
  • Long car charger (3.5 meters) and mini USB cable (1 meter) for convenient setup
  • Comes with non – GPS brackets, clips, and stickers to customize placement options

The VIOFO A119 V3, a compact and easy-to-attach dash cam, takes the second spot on our list for touring caravans with its range of useful features. Its simplicity and user-friendly design stand out in particular; there’s no need to meddle with your caravan’s electrical system or dashboard as it attaches easily to your windscreen using an integrated sticky pad. Plus, for those considering a more seamless installation, VIOFO offers the optional HK3 ACC hardwire kit available separately.

This clever little device is packed full of practical tools beneficial for all drivers but particularly advantageous to caravan owners who do long journeys often at night. It comes equipped with superior night vision capabilities thanks to Sony’s 5MP sensor & HDR software that promptly adjusts to varying light conditions – an invaluable feature when driving through poorly lit roads or dealing with other cars’ headlights. More than just having excellent video quality, the A119 V3 doubles up as a tracking device logging your real-time speed and location via secure GPS technology – essential data that could be vital in case of insurance claims or police evidence.

A welcome feature for touring caravan owners is the high-quality video recording provided by this device. With a QHD 5MP IMX335 Sony starvis sensor paired with wide-angle lens capturing footage at 60 frames per second, you won’t miss any important details such as number plates during daytime drives or nighttime treks alike – which can make all the difference during unfortunate incidents on road trips. With its combination of ease-of-use, outstanding image clarity even in low light conditions plus reliable GPS tracking functions makes this front car camera top tier despite being ranked No.2.


  • Easy installation with integrated sticky pad
  • Superior night vision for clear footage in low light conditions
  • GPS tracking included for real – time speed and location data
  • Compact dimensions for discreet placement on the windscreen


  • Limited functionality as it is a front camera only, without the option for a rear camera.
  • The separate purchase of the hardwire kit is required for seamless installation.
  • The compact size may make it more difficult to view playback footage on the small 2.0” LCD screen.

This VIOFO A119 V3 Dash Cam is perfect for drivers who want added protection and piece of mind on the road. Its GPS tracking, superior night vision, motion detection and 140° wide-angle lens provide all the features a responsible driver needs; so if you’re looking for a reliable dash cam that will take care of everything – this one’s for you! Get yours now!

Product Info

VIOFO A119 V3 Dash Cam Front Camera Only – G-sensor Motion Detection GPS HDR Enhanced Night Vision Dash Camera – 140° Wide Angle, Compact 2.0” LCD Screen In Car Camera for Cars*
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO FOR FRONT CAMERA: All VIOFO dashcams are designed to provide the best quality video recording and playback. Using a QHD 5MP IMX335 Sony starvis sensor and high quality 140° wide angle lens to ensure the best quality footage is recorded at 60 frames per second. Built in microphone & motion detection. Never miss a number plate or incident again.
  • COMPACT DIMENSIONS: Measuring just 5.3 x 4.8 x 8.3cm this VIOFO A119 V3 car dash cam is discreet but high quality. Securely attached directly to your windscreen & out of your direct eye-line, unlike cheap dashcams for cars with adhesive mount that dry out or become detached meaning you can be confident this camera will be there if needed.
  • GPS TRACKING INCLUDED: The A119 V3 dash camera uses secure GPS to store your real-time speed, G forces, the time & your location. This data is displayed in the video file when played back which can be vital for Insurance claims or Police evidence. Combined with other useful features including auto event detection, auto start/ stop, parking mode, time lapse recording and more.
  • SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION: 50% of UK road deaths happen at night. With this in mind the VIOFO A119 V3 in car dashcam has been developed to ensure it provides the clearest possible picture at night. This is thanks to our Sony 5MP sensor & HDR software which can quickly adjust to bright & dark areas which is vital when driving with other cars headlights at night.
  • EASY TO FIT: All VIOFO Dash cameras are easy to attach to your vehicles windscreen with the integrated sticky pad. Using the supplied adaptor you do not need to remove your cars dashboard or interfere with its electrical system to fit this dash cam. Optional hardwire kit HK3 ACC hardwire cable (sold separately) is also available for a seamless installation.

3. A139

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate Protection on the Road with 3-Channel Dash Cam


  • Wide field of view (170 degrees) captures more of the surroundings
  • High video capture resolution (1440p/1080p pixel) for clear and detailed footage
  • Built – in night vision for enhanced visibility in low light conditions
  • Parking monitor feature provides added security when vehicle is parked
  • GPS module included for accurate location tracking
  • Wi – Fi connectivity allows easy access to footage and settings

The VIOFO A139 3 Channel Dash Cam is a highly practical addition for any touring caravan owner. Offering an impressive coverage with its triple camera system, it captures the front, interior and rear sceneries at a quality of 1440P+1080P+1080P simultaneously. The dash cam considerably enhances your safety during road trips by providing clear footage even in low light conditions due to its superior IR Night Vision. Driving through scenic spots or camping under starry skies, this invaluable gadget ensures every single detail is recorded.

One feature that sets the A139 apart is its meticulously designed parking mode options. Imagine parking your caravan near a beautiful lake only to find someone damaged your vehicle while you were away hiking; with this dash cam’s Auto Event Detection mode, such incidents can be swiftly caught on tape helping with insurance claims or identifying culprits. Its built-in GPS also aids in recording location-specific evidence should any mishaps occur. Moreover, the dashcam features Wi-Fi connectivity that seamlessly integrates with VIOFO mobile app allowing easy setup and instant access to recorded videos.

We’ve ranked this product No.3 on our list mainly because of its comprehensive features catering specifically for caravan users’ needs- remarkable video quality across multiple vantage points including night-time visibility coupled with robust safety functions like vigilant parking modes and GPS tracking all bundled within an anti-glare CPL filter design enriching visual clarity even further.


  • 3 parking mode solutions for enhanced security and continuous recording during parking.
  • Voice notification feature provides updates and alerts regarding camera status.
  • Built – in super microphone captures clear audio evidence during incidents.
  • Superior night vision capability with 6 infrared LED lamps for recording in complete darkness.


  • Limited mounting options may require additional purchase of accessories
  • Wi – Fi connection can be unreliable at times
  • The user interface on the mobile app can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

This VIOFO A139 3 Channel Dash Cam is perfect for any safety conscious driver who needs extra protection on the road. From its built-in GPS, Wi-Fi connection and optional external microphone, it offers everything to guarantee your safety during family trips, rideshare & taxi driving or simply vlogging. So don’t hesitate – get your A139 today!

Product Info

VIOFO A139 3 Channel Dash Cam for Car, WiFi GPS built-in, Dashcam with Anti-Glare CPL Filter, Front Interior Rear 2k + 1080P + 1080P Triple Car Camera, IR Night Vision, Supercapacitor, Parking Monitor
391 Reviews
VIOFO A139 3 Channel Dash Cam for Car, WiFi GPS built-in, Dashcam with Anti-Glare CPL Filter, Front Interior Rear 2k + 1080P + 1080P Triple Car Camera, IR Night Vision, Supercapacitor, Parking Monitor*
  • 【3 Channel Dash Cam】 The A139 comes with front camera (140°), inside camera (170°), rear camera (170°) to record videos at 1440P+1080P+1080P @30fps simultaneously.
  • 【Built-in Wi-Fi】The Wi-Fi connection and VIOFO mobile app provide access to setup options, live view of the front inside rear dash cam, playback of recorded video, and download/sharing of video files.
  • 【Built-in GPS】 With GPS logger, the triple channel dash cam can log the current speed and GPS location, time stamp can be embedded in the video. Real-time speed would display on car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.
  • 【Anti-Glare CPL Included】 The CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) is mounted on the front lens of the dashcam to reduce reflections and glare off glass and road surfaces, resulting in significantly improved image quality and contrast in many situations.
  • 【Super Night Vision & 6 IR LEDs】 A139 facing inside camera incorporates a 6-element infrared LED lamp allowing the camera to record cabin activity even in complete darkness, for the protection of both driver and passengers. All the 3 channel dash cams utilize Sony sensors to ensure the excellent image both day and night.

4. A229

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Enhanced Safety and Protection with Dual 2K Dash Cameras


  • High – quality video capture in 1080p resolution
  • Advanced night vision technology for clear footage even in low light conditions
  • Built – in GPS module for accurate tracking of your vehicle’s location and speed
  • Wi – Fi connectivity allows you to easily transfer and view your recorded videos on your smartphone or tablet
  • Adhesive mounting type ensures a secure and discreet installation in your car
  • Parking monitor feature provides additional security while your vehicle is parked

The A229 Duo 2K dash cam is a versatile and dependable gadget for touring caravan owners. Offering front and rear coverage with stunning 2K resolution, this device captures high-quality videos that can be critical in providing evidence during unexpected incidents or mishaps on the road. Fitted with Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP sensors, it delivers exceptional clarity in both daylight and night conditions – thanks to its F1.6 aperture lens and WDR technology.

One of the standout features of this dash camera is its integrated GPS logger which records data such as route, speed, and time stamps directly onto your video files. This function becomes particularly useful when you need to precisely track your journeys or verify specific details about any event captured by your dash cam while touring around. The built-in Wi-Fi offers rapid transfer speeds making it easy for users to control settings, live-view footage or download recorded clips using the VIOFO app on their smartphones.

Furthermore, the intelligent voice notification system in this Dash Cam will alert you if something prevents recording- ensuring you never miss an important moment again. This advanced feature along with a buffered parking mode makes A229 Duo uniquely suited for safeguarding your vehicle even when unattended in caravan parks or remote camping locations – delivering peace-of-mind throughout your travels.


  • Intelligent voice notification to inform users of important events and settings changes
  • Built – in GPS logger to track route data, speed, and time for playback and synchronization with GPS time
  • Faster 5GHz Wi – Fi connection for easy control, viewing, and sharing of videos on smartphones via the VIOFO App
  • Dual channel recording with high – resolution front and rear cameras for detailed images both day and night


  • Limited LCD display size (2.4″) may make it difficult to view footage and menu settings.
  • Voice notification feature may be distracting or annoying for some users.
  • Higher price point compared to other dash cam options on the market.

This product is perfect for someone who wants to feel safe on the road and protect their vehicle from any unexpected incidents. With its Dual 2K Dash Cameras, GPS Logger, real-time speed display, alert voice notifications and more – this all-in-one dash cam system will ensure that you always have a way to back up your story when it matters most. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to keep yourself protected while driving, A229 Duo is the best choice! Shop now!

Product Info

Dash Cam Front and Rear VIOFO 2K + 2K 5GHz Wi-Fi GPS Dual Dash Camera for Cars, 2.4” LCD, Buffered Parking Modes, Voice Notification, WDR Super Night Vision, Motion Detection, Emergency Lock(A229 Duo)*
  • 【2K@30fps Enhanced Rear Cam】A229 Duo dual dash cam innovatively features a Quad HD 2K high resolution rear cam, with up to 30fps recording to give you enhanced driving safety protection from not just front but also behind. With a 2K high-res rear camera, you can easily capture license plate numbers even if you’re caught in an accident that takes place behind you, or provide evidence if another car is harassing you on the road.
  • 【2K + 2K Front and Rear】Built in the same Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP sensors, A229 Duo dual channel dash cam for cars supports Quad HD 1440P30fps front + Quad HD 1440P30fps rear recording. F1.6 aperture lens and WDR technology are also of great assistance to shoot more detailed images both day and night.
  • 【Faster 5GHz Wi-Fi】A229 Duo dash cam front and rear dash camera is built with upgraded 5GHz Wi-Fi connection technology, providing transfer speeds up to 8MB/s, 4 times faster than traditional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This makes it quite convenient to control and check on videos on your smartphone end via VIOFO App, including setup menu, live view from front and rear, playback of recorded videos, and downloading/sharing of video files.
  • 【Built-in GPS Logger】The GPS logger is built in A229 Duo 2K dual dash cam to track the route data, speed and time to the video file, allowing compatible viewers to display on playback. Real-time speed would display on car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H. It will also keep the dash camera’s clock synchronized with GPS time.
  • 【Intelligent Voice Notification】Configured with multiple language voice notification, A229 Duo 2K dash cam helps you confirm setting changes such as audio recording on/off and reminds you of events such as video protected and memory card errors. No worries about missing important videos as A229 Duo car dash camera will inform you in time if anything prevents recording.


Experience the brilliance of first-rate video quality and unbeatable safety features with VIOFO Dashcams. Opt for A129 Pro if you’re after stellar footage clarity, wireless connectivity, and compact design.

Alternatively, choose A119 V3 for its superior 1440p resolution paired with GPS tracking capabilities. Equip your vehicle today with a VIOFO dashcam to make every journey safer and enjoyable!


1. How do VIOFO Dashcams work?

VIOFO Dashcams record video footage of your car’s surroundings while you’re driving, using a built-in camera and memory card.

2. Can I install a VIOFO Dashcam in my car myself?

Yes, installing a VIOFO Dashcam is straightforward and can be done by following the provided instructions or hiring a professional for assistance.

3. What are the benefits of using a VIOFO Dashcam?

Using a VIOFO Dashcam provides evidence in case of accidents, aids with insurance claims, promotes safer driving habits, and helps deter theft or vandalism.

4. Can I view the recorded footage from my VIOFO Dashcam on my smartphone?

Yes, some models of VIOFO Dashcams offer Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to access and download the recorded footage directly onto your smartphone.

5. Are there any monthly fees or subscriptions required for using a VIOFO Dashcam?

No, once you purchase a VIOFO Dashcam, there are no additional monthly fees or subscriptions required for its use.

*Last update on 2024-07-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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