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The caravan VIN number, also known as the chassis number, or even a CRiS number is an identification number which is individual to each caravan. You’ll find it stamped on the chassis and even etched on the caravan windows. If a caravan is stolen, it’s a way of tracking the registered owner.

The VIN number, actually, I’ll stopped there for a second. I guess calling it a “VIN number” is incorrect. It’s a bit like saying “PIN number” as the “N” in both PIN and VIN stands for “number”, so you’re really saying Vehicle Identification Number Number, which is a bit odd. However, they seem to be called VIN numbers by most.

So, the VIN can tell you quite a lot about the caravan. It’s quite a long number and the meaning of the number can be broken down into its component parts. What I’m about to divulge has been kept a secret in the inner sanctum of the ancient order of Caravan Vloggers. After telling you this, I will almost certainly have my membership revoked! I might even be forced to own an Airstream. So read on and be enlightened, don’t concern yourself what will happen to me. I’ll probably just continue to vlog without a permit!

VIN Decoded

Now, this number is described in a few different ways, here’s how I understand it. Here’s an example of a VIN number:
SG D T X3G SW M 1234567

Let’s “decode” it, bit by bit….

1st and 2nd are the country code. I don’t know why, but SG signifies UK.
3rd can specify the make, but it is optional.
4th will be T or S for Twin or Single Axle
5th,6th,7th are again manufacturer’s optional
8th and 9th are the manufacturer for example SW is Swift
10th is the manufacturer year
The last 7 digits are a unique serial number

Manufacturer’s Codes

  • AB = ABI
  • AD = Adria
  • AV = Avondale
  • BE = Bessacarr (later Bessacarr were built by Swift so will carry the SW code)
  • BU = Buccaneer (later Buccaneer were build Explorer Group so will carry code EX)
  • BY = Bailey
  • CL = Carlight
  • CM = Coachman
  • CP = Compass (may carry EX code in some circumstances as were built by Explorer Group)
  • CS = Cosalt (later Abbey’s were built by Swift and so will carry SW code)
  • CU = Sprite (later Sprite’s were built by Swift and so will carry SW code)
  • EL = Elddis (may carry the EX code for earlier model before Explorer Group re-branded to Elidds)
  • EX = Explorer Group (now known as Elddis)
  • FL = Fleetwood
  • LU = Lunar
  • SW = Swift Group

Year Codes*

*see notes re dates

  • 4 = 2004
  • 5 = 2005
  • 6 = 2006
  • 7 = 2007
  • 8 = 2008
  • 9 = 2009
  • A = 2010
  • B = 2011
  • C = 2012
  • D = 2013
  • E = 2014
  • F = 2015
  • G = 2016
  • H = 2017
  • J = 2018

CRiS Caravan Documentation Explained

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