When Caravan Holidays Go Horribly Wrong




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You’ve probably found this page because you were searching for Channel 5’s programme “When Caravan Holidays Go Horribly Wrong”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I was on the channel 5 programme, talking about the time our brand new caravan got written off. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel

The story starts when we pick up the new caravan. We get it home a notice a few things need checking and replacing. Some minor, but one major one is the fridge not working.

I take it back to the dealer; they were great, it’s all under warranty, and they carry out the work. I drive to pick the caravan up as it’s all been sorted. I get to the dealer and check it all out. The fridge is working; all is good. I hook up the caravan and start the drive home.

I get about 10 minutes from the dealership, towards home. It’s a clear bright sunny evening just before the Easter bank holiday. I approach a queue of traffic which has just started to move as some traffic lights have just turned green. I’m covering the brake pedal to slow myself a bit. As the car in front of me accelerates away, I move my foot to the accelerator pedal and….

( Some of this footage was used by Channel 5’s “When Caravan Holidays Go Horribly Wrong” programme. Here’s the full story…)

YouTube player
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You can view the damage here.

Once the caravan was written off, where did it go? This will absolutely blow your mind; honestly, I’d never have thought it would end up where it ended up. Also, how did I know where it went? I’ll tell you….

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Finally, we get the written off caravan replaced…

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