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  • The Terrible Truth About Electric Metered Campsites 2024

    The Terrible Truth About Electric Metered Campsites 2024

    I have to say, right from the start, electric metered campsites makes perfect sense. You only pay for what you use; that sounds perfectly fair. We don’t expect campsites to subsidise our holiday, nor do we expect them to make excess profit. Although exactly what excess profit is, it’s hard to say. We’ve recently stayed…

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  • Data Only Sim Cards 2024

    Data Only Sim Cards 2024

    I’ve put together this article about data-only SIM cards as I’ve been looking for the “perfect” solution for getting unlimited internet in the caravan. I know what you’re thinking: “You don’t need unlimited data.” Well, for several reasons, I do. Firstly, you may know, I have a YouTube channel, for this I need to uploads…

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  • Crich Tramway Village

    Crich Tramway Village

    Whilst staying at Carsington Water Caravan & Motorhome Club site, we visited Crich Tramway Village. This isn’t something I’ve heard of, but it was on Mandy’s “bucket list”. Ok, not…

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  • Caravan Photo Competition

    Caravan Photo Competition

    Us caravanners love to show off our pride and joy. Show me your best caravan photo and you’ll get a chance to win 1 year’s FREE Membership to the popular…

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  • Travel Update

    Travel Update

    It’s Not Summer Yet We’ve decided to spend the whole summer touring in the caravan. Now, the main problem is, we were a bit to eager to get started, we…

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  • Sycophants, The Lot Of ‘Em

    Sycophants, The Lot Of ‘Em

    Those that know me in real life, or “IRL” as the kids say, were surprised that I started a YouTube channel. I think most think I wouldn’t say boo to…

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  • Not The “Retirement Tour” Tour

    Not The “Retirement Tour” Tour

    On March 1st 2024, we embarked on our “Not The Retirement Tour” tour. This doesn’t mean I’ve not retired, it means, although I’m calling this my “Retirement Tour”, it isn’t…

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  • 10AMP Electric Hookup

    10AMP Electric Hookup

    Well, here we are, just over a week of being on our latest adventure, and it is quite an adventure. I don’t think we’ve still got into the groove of…

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  • Why Are CAMC Sites Closed?

    Why Are CAMC Sites Closed?

    This isn’t a situation I’ve ever needed to consider. I can’t remember that we’ve ever used the caravan in March, it’s a bit early in the season isn’t it? Well…

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  • The Best Adria Caravan Comparison 2024

    The Best Adria Caravan Comparison 2024

    In this Adria Caravan Comparison, you can filter on what’s important to you, be it MTPLM, price or layout. Adria Caravan Model Comparison Choosing the right caravan for your touring…

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  • The Best Buccaneer Caravan Comparison

    The Best Buccaneer Caravan Comparison

    Buccaneer Caravan Model Comparison 2024 Buccaneer Caravan Comparison Are you in the market for a new touring caravan and feeling a bit swamped with all the choices out there? You’re…

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  • Tips For Attending A Caravan Show

    Tips For Attending A Caravan Show

    Get Ready for the Ultimate Caravan Show Experience with These Essential Tips! Are you thinking about hitting the road with a home on wheels or sprucing up your current caravan?…

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