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Avtex Connected TV

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What is so special about Avtex Connected TV, I hear you ask and why are they more expensive than the equivalent TV I have at home? Well, there’s a few reasons, they might not look very different, but they are..

Avtex caravan TV’s allow you to plug into your 12 volt supply i.e. to the battery. This is of course ideal when you’re off-grid and have no mains power via the electric hook up, so you’ve got TV where ever you are.

Another reason they’re different is the design. Avtex Connected TVs are designed for mobile use, they are designed to be bounced around a bit, to take the odd knock, unlike your home TV which you’re lucky if it still works when you move it from room to room in the house!

What does “Connected” Mean?

I know there are those of you who say “we don’t watch TV in the caravan”. Really? Not at all? If you really don’t, then there’s not point in buying one, however, just read on a bit further, you might change your mind.

Avtex has also recently introduced a “connected” series of TV’s. These connected TV’s means you can hook them up to the WiFi and get online services such as iPlayer, ITV Hub, UKTV play etc. There are plans for other online services to be added in the future, I assume the likes of YouTube and Netflix. You do need a minimum internet speed of 2MB to use these services. You can also view TV via a satellite dish.

Avtex Connected TV Avtex AQT Button

Another reason to consider an Avtex Connected TV is that they also have an easy tune button called the AQT button (Avtex Quick Tune). Where ever you go in the country you’ll need to retune your TV each time in different areas. This can be a pain, you might need to go to the menu system find which button to press etc. With our TV it seems to be only me that has figured out how to tune the TV. With Avtex Connected TVs you have a big red button that you press and the TV automatically tunes in.


Avtex Connected TVs can connect via aerial, WiFi and Satellite, you can also get them with built-in DVD players. If you’re looking for one of the best TV’s for your motorhome or caravan you can’t go wrong. YES, they are more expensive than the equivalent home TV.

We don’t currently use one, but we have owned one before when we had a motorhome. At that time they were only in smaller screen size, now they’ve increased the size – 27″ being the largest, which is probably the largest you’d want in your caravan/motorhome. You have the choice of using the stand that comes with it, or indeed, mounting on a bracket.

In our motorhome, we used to leave in on the bracket whilst travelling, although you might want to pack it away when travelling. Our TV really took a pounding and we actually still have it, but, as I said it’s a small screen and we’ve got older and need something larger to see!

We are in the process of changing our caravan, so an Avtex Connected TV is certainly on our list of things to consider. However, they are pricey and you can obviously get cheaper TV’s which can be run on 12 volt.

  • DVB-T & DVB-T2 digital tuner
  • DVB-S & DVB-S2 digital HD satellite tuner
  • Wi-Fi built-in for connected services and extra channels
  • Freeview HD
  • Freeview Play
  • 7 day forwards and 7 day backwards programme guide
  • AQT one button tuning system (Ideal for touring)
  • On-screen battery meter
  • Ultra compact edge-to-edge design
  • CI socket for access for pay TV’s
  • 240v AC / 12v/24v DC
  • 2xHDMI/2xUSB/phono/headphone/audio in/optical audio-out
Avtex 199DSFVP 19.5″ 12V/240V Wi-Fi Connected HD TV with Freeview Play*
  • Full HD Connected TV – This TV is not a Smart TV but comes pre-loaded with applications. Avtex will continue to release software updates in order to expand this range. As of February 2021 the TV comes with the following applications – BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, UKTV Play, FreeviewPlay, CBS Catch-Up, Horror Bites, YouTube.
  • Ultra Compact – Completely immerse yourself in the action with this edge to edge frameless design with crystal clear sound. Wi-Fi built-in for connected services and extra channels but if you haven’t got an internet connection you can still enjoy HD TV through your regular aerial or satellite dish without the need for extra equipment.
  • Freeview Play and HD – Enjoy the biggest shows live and on demand all together in one place and all for free. Scroll forwards and backwards through the TV guide for 7-day catch up plus loads more on demand with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV Play.
  • Features – DVBT & DVBT2 Digital Terrestrial Tuner = for use with aerials. DVB-S & DVB-S2 Digital Satellite Tuner = for use with Dishes. Powered by 12v / 24v DC or 240 volts AC for ultra-low power consumption.
  • – We are so confident with that we provide an unconditional 3 Year Manufacturers . Ensures long life and great value for money.


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