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How To Select A Caravan Layout


Embarking on a caravanning adventure can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but selecting the ideal layout for your caravan is crucial to ensure comfort and practicality in your home away from home.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, this guide will explore key factors to consider when choosing a caravan floorplan, such as berth capacity, sleeping arrangements, bathroom placement and kitchen design.

Furthermore, we’ll delve into popular layouts currently on the market that cater to various needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider your berth capacity needs when selecting a caravan layout to ensure adequate sleeping space for everyone.
  • The placement of the bathroom is an important factor – choose a layout that provides easy access, while also offering privacy and comfort.
  • When assessing your needs, consider factors such as storage requirements, kitchen and dining areas, and amenities like entertainment systems.
  • Set a realistic budget before exploring different caravan layouts and consider attending shows or visiting dealerships to view options firsthand.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Caravan Layout

When choosing a caravan layout, it is important to consider factors such as the berth capacity, sleeping arrangements, bathroom placement, and kitchen/dining area.

Berth Capacity

As a touring caravan owner myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of considering berth capacity when selecting your ideal caravan layout.

Think about your family size or whether you often have friends joining you on trips. For instance, if it’s just me and my partner hitting the road for weekend getaways, a 2-berth caravan would suffice.

However, when planning summer holidays with our two kids and occasionally another couple alongside us, we’ve found that a 4 or even 6-berth caravan is more suitable. This also allows some extra room for storing all our belongings without feeling too cramped during the trip.

Sleeping Arrangements

One of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a caravan layout is the sleeping arrangements. As a touring caravan owner, finding the best configuration that suits your family’s needs will make all the difference during your travels.

For instance, fixed beds provide convenience as they are ready-made for use without needing any further assembly; however, they may take up valuable living space within the caravan.

Bunk beds are an ideal option for families with children as they maximise floor space while offering privacy and separate sleeping quarters. Alternatively, you might opt for convertible bed layouts such as pull-out sofas or dining areas that transform into sleeping surfaces at night – these offer versatility but can require daily setup and packing away routines.

It’s also important not to forget about accommodating any guests who may be joining you on your adventures – this might affect which caravan bed sizes are most suitable for your situation.

Bathroom Placement

Bathroom placement in a caravan is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting the perfect layout for your touring adventures.

Different caravan layouts offer varying bathroom configurations to cater to personal preferences. For instance, an end washroom provides ample space and privacy, as it is located at the farthest point from the living area.

Furthermore, this type of layout generally boasts generous storage capacity in vanity units or overhead lockers for toiletries and towels. On the other hand, mid-washrooms can be advantageous for families with young children or guests since they are centrally situated within easy reach of everyone inside the caravan; however, these layouts might offer less space overall compared to full-width end washrooms.

Kitchen And Dining Area

As a touring caravan owner, one of the things you’ll want to consider when selecting a layout is the kitchen and dining area. This space will be where you prepare meals, dine, and possibly entertain guests.

Some layouts have a fully equipped kitchen with an oven, grill, hob, fridge/freezer, and sink. In contrast, others may only have a basic cooking facility or even just a microwave.

Additionally, some caravans feature a separate dining area with fixed seating while others utilize fold-away tables and chairs that tuck away during travel for more open living space.

Before making your final decision about which caravan layout to choose from, think about how often you cook in your caravan or whether you prefer eating out most of the time.

Discover some of the most popular caravan layouts available on the market, including island beds with full-width end washrooms, rear island beds with split washrooms, and single beds with an end washroom.

Island Bed With Full-Width End Washroom

One popular caravan layout is the island bed with a full-width end washroom. This layout offers plenty of living space and is perfect for couples who enjoy travelling in style.

The full-width end washroom provides ample space for washing up and getting ready in the morning. You’ll also have plenty of storage options for toiletries and towels. The spacious shower cubicle makes it easy to freshen up after a long day on the road, while the toilet and sink are conveniently located nearby.

Rear Island Bed With Split Washroom

One of the popular caravan layouts to consider is a rear island bed with split washroom. This layout provides a comfortable sleeping area for two people at the back of the caravan with easy access to the washroom facilities, which are typically separated into two separate compartments – one containing a toilet and sink, while the other houses a shower.

This layout is particularly attractive for couples who appreciate their privacy and want an uninterrupted night’s sleep without being disturbed by other campers coming in and out of shared washrooms during the night.

Single Beds With End Washroom

If you’re someone who prefers their own sleeping space or frequently travels with a friend, then single beds with an end washroom may be the perfect caravan layout for you.

With this configuration, each member of your party will have their own bed, creating privacy and personal space during travel. The end washroom is located at the rear of the caravan and allows for easy access to bathroom facilities without disturbing others in different parts of the vehicle.

This type of layout often includes storage options underneath the beds that provide ample room to stow away necessities during your journey.

In-Line Island Bed With Mid-Washroom

One caravan layout that is gaining popularity among touring caravan owners is the In-Line Island Bed with Mid-Washroom. This layout typically features a large island bed in the middle of the caravan, allowing for easy access on either side.

The mid-washroom is located directly opposite the bedroom and includes a shower, toilet, and sink.

With this layout, there is often extra storage space at the front of the caravan along with a well-equipped kitchen area.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Caravan Layout

Assess your needs and preferences before making a decision on which caravan layout to choose. Set a realistic budget that will allow you to explore all available options.

Attend caravan shows and visit dealerships to view different layouts first-hand.

Assess Your Needs And Preferences

When selecting a caravan layout, it’s important to assess your needs and preferences. Consider how many people will be travelling in the caravan and what their sleeping arrangements should be.

Do you need a fixed bed or are folding beds sufficient? Also, think about your storage requirements for clothing, equipment, and food supplies.

Furthermore, take into account other amenities that may enhance your travel experience such as dining areas, bathroom facilities and entertainment systems. For example, if you plan on cooking frequently during your trip, having a well-equipped kitchen with adequate space is essential.

Ultimately when choosing a caravan layout consider not only size but also convenience factors like ease of cleaning or moving around within it so that each person can have an enjoyable experience while on holiday with family!

Set A Realistic Budget

As you begin to explore the different caravan layouts available, it’s essential to set a realistic budget for yourself.

When I was first starting out as a caravanner, I made the mistake of not setting a budget beforehand, which led me down a path of overspending. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

It may also be worth considering purchasing a used caravan if your budget is tight. Keep in mind that older caravans may require more maintenance and repairs over time, but they can still provide an enjoyable travel experience without breaking the bank.

Attend Caravan Shows And Visit Dealerships

I highly recommend attending caravan shows and visiting dealerships when selecting a caravan layout. Caravan shows are fantastic opportunities to see multiple layouts in one place, making it easier to compare different options and determine which one will work best for you.

Visiting a dealership is also crucial as you get the chance to view the caravans up close, ask questions and take test drives or walkthroughs before making your purchase decision.

Seeing a layout in person will give you a better idea of what it would be like living in that space day-to-day, helping you make an informed choice.

Seek Advice From Experienced Caravanners

As a touring caravan owner, seeking advice from experienced caravanners is an excellent way to gain insights into selecting the right caravan layout. These experts have likely gone through the same process and can offer valuable tips on what worked for them and common mistakes to avoid.

You can visit online forums, social media groups or attend rallies where you can connect with other owners and ask questions about their setups.

One of the biggest advantages of seeking guidance from experienced caravanners is that they can give you practical advice based on their real-world experiences. They can help you identify potential pitfalls in your chosen caravan layouts or point out features that may be missing without bias towards any particular brand or model.


Selecting the perfect caravan layout for your family’s needs is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. By considering factors such as berth capacity, sleeping arrangements, bathroom placement, and kitchen and dining areas, you can identify the ideal layout to meet your requirements.

Popular caravan layouts include island beds with full-width end washrooms, rear island beds with split washrooms, and single beds with an end washroom. It’s important to assess your needs, budget accordingly, attend shows or dealerships and seek advice when choosing the right caravan design.


1. What factors should I consider when selecting a caravan layout?

When choosing a caravan layout, you should take into account the number of people who will be using it, their individual needs and preferences for sleeping arrangements, dining space and storage. You should also think about the types of activities you’ll be doing in your caravan so that you have enough living space to enjoy them comfortably.

2. What are the different types of caravan layouts available?

There are several popular layouts including twin beds, single beds, fixed beds or convertible dinettes that turn into bedding areas providing additional space when needed. Other options include corner bathrooms with separate shower stalls or toilet cubicles plus more standard designs featuring open-plan living spaces which allow for greater flexibility while on-the-go.

3. How do I determine which layout is best suited to my requirements?

This would depend largely on your budget as well as lifestyle and holiday style preference; if travelling often solo then perhaps smaller models such as pop-top caravans offering maximum mobility may make sense but larger families may require more amenities & floor space which could lead towards full-sized models complete with kitchens/bathrooms/etcetera.

4. Are there any other considerations to address before deciding on a caravan layout?

Other considerations include weight distribution (towing capacity), level of luxury desired within interior decor features technology such as heating/air conditioning systems and electrical power supplies sourced from solar panels/generator, etcetera – all dependent upon type/model selected out based upon budgetary constraints too where possible!

Frequently Asked Questions: How To Select A Caravan Layout

Q: What should I consider before choosing a caravan layout?

A: Before selecting a caravan layout, you should consider factors such as the number of people who will be using it, whether you will have a tow car, how you plan to use the caravan, and your budget.

Q: What is a washroom, and why is it important in a caravan layout?

A: A washroom is a bathroom or toilet area in a caravan. It is essential to have a washroom in a caravan layout for convenience and hygiene purposes.

Q: What is an island bed?

A: An island bed is a type of bed in a caravan that is located in the centre of the living space and can be accessed from both sides.

Q: How do I find the right caravan layout?

A: To find the right caravan layout, you need to consider your individual needs and preferences, such as the number of people using it, the size of your tow car, the features you require, and your budget.

Q: What is a fixed bed?

A: A fixed bed is a permanent bed in a caravan that does not need to be made up each night and can be left in place.

Q: What is the best caravan layout for families?

A: The best caravan layout for families will depend on the individual family’s needs, but layouts with bunk beds, twin single beds, or a front lounge are often popular choices.

Q: Should I buy a new or used caravan?

A: The choice between a new or used caravan will depend on your budget and personal preferences. A new caravan will offer the latest features and technology, but a used caravan might offer better value for money.

Q: What is a French bed?

A: A French bed is a type of bed in a caravan that is located against one side of the caravan with access from one side only.

Q: What is a second-hand caravan?

A: A second-hand caravan is a caravan that has been previously owned and is being sold by the owner or a dealer.

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