Thetford Toilet Cassette Top Tip

Before we start discussing maintenance of the Thetford toilet cassette, did you know you can buy a freshen up kit which comprises of a new toilet seat and a new cassette. So, if you’ve just bought a second hand caravan and don’t want the hassle of using something someone has been happily sitting on and depositing into for years, you can get lovely clean new stuff. So, no need to read the rest of this article, just buy one of these… ( Make sure you buy the correct one )

You didn’t buy one? Read on my friends…..

Unlike the toilet at home, it’s not a flush and forget affair. Things need doing and doings need getting rid of. It’s not just some magic hole where everything just disappears into never to be seen again. Unless of course you work at a sewage farm, where you’d see it again everyday. Toilets are a serious matter and they are not to be sniffed it, so let’s take a look at one.

The toilet cassette is this thing right here:

Thetford Toilet Cassette

Thetford Toilet Cassette Parts

Looking at the Thetford toilet cassette there’s a number of parts. No need to memorise them all, unless you’d like to…(Your specific toilet may differ to the one shown below)


Firstly, the pour out spout (29) where you empty the loo from. Remove the cap (28) and poor out the contents. The cap is also a measure.
Just below the spout is the handle, where you can hold the cassette.
Below that is a large circle (4 waste holding tank plate) with an orange knob (1 blade opener), this operates the flap, which you open to flush water through to give it a good clean after emptying. Before doing that though you need to remove the flap by sliding it towards the handle. This whole piece can also twist out for even easier cleaning, probably at the end of the season.

There are obviously two wheels (32) and at the top is a pull out handle, which makes it easier to get the the disposal point. Lastly, is the little orange button at the bottom. When emptying you can press this and it lets air in to help move the contains quickly through the pipe

Pink, Blue or Green Fluid?

You may have seen toilet fluid, it comes in different colours, but which colours are used where?

Pink is to be added to the water that flushes to toilet

Green and Blue do the same thing. It’s added to the toilet cassette and breaks down all the nasty stuff in there. Green, as you can probably guess is more environmentally friendly. Blue contains all sorts of chemicals. Where you need to be careful is when a site uses something like a septic tank which breaks down toilet stuff naturally. Don’t use blue in this case, only green. If in doubt either use green or ask.

Thetford Toilet Cassette – Cleaning

Water can be used to flush clean the thetford toilet cassette through and it’s probably advisable to wear some kind of rubber gloves, better safe than sorry. There are various toilet cleaners you can use, but we mainly flush with water thoroughly

Thetford Toilet Cassette – Maintenance

As this is the title of the article, we’d better get around to some maintenance. Other than keeping it clean there’s not a great deal to do. You need to lubricate the seal on the part that opens underneath the toilet bowl. You can use olive oil, just open the door by twisting the knob beside the hole and use olive oil to lubricate the seal. You can also use Thetford Seal Lubricant

Preview Product Rating Price
Thetford Seal Lubricant Aerosol - 200ml Thetford Seal Lubricant Aerosol - 200ml* 62 Reviews £4.99
Thetford Siliconenspray Thetford Siliconenspray* No ratings yet £12.57

There is a possibility that the float may get stuck, toilet paper can get stuck around it and make it stick in the “full” position. To clear this open the sliding cover that covers the hole half way and push in an anti clockwise motion to remove the plastic casing that holds the seal. (See our video below) This way you can get access to the float which is in one of the corners, just have a feel around (with gloves on) and see if you can free the float. Don’t force it. It in doubt just fill it with water and give it a little shake to dislodge any loo roll.

The handle can come loose. Simply pop the top of the handle off, but getting a blunt knife in the gap, just below the word “Thetford” and it will expose screws. You can re tighten these and pop the piect you just popped off back in place.

Thetford Toilet Cassette Spares

Thetford Cassette Toilets – Full Range

Thetford Toilet Cassette Maintenance Our Video

I make a fool of myself with rubber gloves, showing you the cassette

For a practical video on replacing your Thetford toilet cassette seal, see the below

Replacing Thetford cassette toilet seal

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      Re light, it could be that the “float” is stuck? Try giving the cassette a good rinse out, may dislodge it.


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